No growth for newbie

Hello everyone. I’m playing this game for more then 2 year’s and the game is overgrown with new events made acctualy for high-level players, and the chance for new players to grow for these events is equal zero. No system for growth has been developed. Well, if at the beginning of the server you are in a top faction so you can receive prizes with it, but after the month of server existence, all the factions are full and you will be tempted to take you into good faction despite your activity in the game. And every day / week / month the difference between you and the top will grow.

The 6* characters introduction to the game and adding their premium roulette did not bring happiness to newcomers who do not want to put money into the game. Playing 3* and 4* versus players with 6* will quickly make them tired of such a break in the force and quit the game. Until the player is getting any purpers for the future, he will not keep playing.

  • Is it possible to introduce an event for new players to receive guaranteed 4 * and 5 *? (Prestige will not be taken into account).
  • Refresh the museum for everyone and in each month give people to earn a 5 * character (analogy is the entrance fee every day)
  • Change tutorial. Even at the very beginning, it is not explained what a leadership skill is, and Karl is offered (doesn’t have leadership ability), instead of the same Doctor Stevensen.
  • Daily bonus for the entry in a month. Possible rewards are gold, gold fragments, silver fragments, weapon tokens, asсendance medals or e.t.c.

Be interested in the player at the initial stage of development and maybe he will stay with you for a long time.


Nice write up and so true, many in my faction don’t have 6* and some only a few 5* and are really suffering, yes they grind but again they don’t reap any decent rewards we are not in the top 20 faction in our region so agin it’s months before they get a 5*, I have 4 6* but I’m at a stand still now as well only a few 5* to tier but like the above I’m more concerned about my faction members dropping out as they struggle to get anything,as I feel the milestones for newbies and people who have been a while are to high for them and the why bother syndrome sets in, which I do see when level up and raids are on as they can’t achieve the goals set.


I agree, there will be no chance for a new player to approach a 2-year-old player, scopely 6 ☆ kill old player and make a new player impossible to get it, end of game

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To go along with this why can’t we make a way for there to be a trade of characters within a faction. Know I have characters that I will probably never use but because they are 5* I also will not get rid of them. If I could trade within my faction. It could also help promote the comraderie, newbies, and even struggling factions.

I’ve said it before, 15 veteran players changed regions and restarted as f2p in a new region. To a player, in 3 months, they’ve managed to accumulate 10 to 15 5*, and a few 6*. It’s not about what players need to be given, as much as just about grinding it out.

Come on guys… That’s not true. If you grind hard and play everyday nonstop than maybe you’ll be at higher levels. Take it from me. I admit my mistakes for always getting on whales but I had my part in the addiction too and ignored responsibilities in life to get where I was. Yes It’s a total drag but that’s what you got to do to survive in this game. Grind everyday and pray to Scopley gods that you put yourselves in a good ranking faction for good survival.

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My son called me a lucky one. I’m not a veteran player. I started 2 months ago. I have never watched the show. I am a 20 navy vet and know strategy. He calls me lucky because played past tense. He couldn’t get far. I have in two months 8 five* 30-4* and only four 3*. That’s token draws. I joined a faction and the leader made me the leader. This not tooting my horn my faction is now active though. If I can help them more though by trading with them they stay interested.


See my point proven. If you can do it… So can they.

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You are not getting my point at all. Faction wars, territory wars, all out war. All have one thing in common. Team. Established factions set must be this level. New factions nobody knows anybody. Takes everyone. Not everyone is lucky like some. Newbies complain about inactivity. Allow trade within the faction. It’s a teambuilder for one, and younger factions have a shot at established factions.

It’s good when you break into a top 5 faction, but from period time they need more powerful player. What is power? Yep, this is you characters! But in low faction too hard got some cool characters(Honestly, in gold shards a lot of garbage). And i think TOP faction will be happy fight on war versus strong faction too. Whats point beat low faction all time? :smiley:
I was leader TOP1 faction on region and after some time only 1 faction fight with us, other got too bad
consist to fight against us. And game start boring…more ppl left.
So we all need good oponents :slight_smile:

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Thank you and whats the point of having characters you know you wont use but people in your faction would love to have.

4* Tokens on the early stages of roadmaps would be a reasonable solution. Fodder for higher levels but building blocks for newer players.

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I’m agree with you man. Its to ridiculous…what point to start donate on first hour in game? Were some motivation to do this? Like…
-pss, guy. Look at our promo! You can pull some 5*! But u dont any team for that, pull another and another etc. Not enough 5*? Take 6*! :smiley:

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It helps when u can find a fac like dark enigma that helps weaker players get ahead threw fac events but we a dying fac ATM if any s1tt teams or above want to help us help the week n r in Richmond region please message me