No good could've come from skullgate

I was asleep but I would rather cheer for those who benefited than take away their coins.

I did however pull Ajax from War Tokens and Douglas from 5star tokens yesterday, so if they do a roll back and I lose these toons, I’ll be raging. Now that would be entirely unfair.


Ive had nothing but worthless pulls for months, and somehow missed the login stash by 2 tokens, without missing a login. Sorry i missed this one.

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This was a total exploit everyone that did this should be blocked from the ga,e for good

What about somebody who legitimately moved factions in that time?

Nobody did … it has to be against tos scopley should b4n

Actually, I did, last night before I went to sleep. My old faction hadn’t gained any tokens yet, my new faction had gained 3. I just assumed this meant that once i’d collected those 3, it was done, as it would be linked to me, and so it never crossed my mind that these would reset or be available again if I moved to another faction, and so I went to bed and missed it.
Now I haven’t gained at all, because I am only collecting these tokens once, since my last faction hadn’t done them, so at the end I will have the same amount as everyone else who didn’t switch factions. If I’d stayed in my old faction, I would have got these, but just at a later date.
So are you saying I should be b@nned? If so, why?

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