No gold medals left! can't ascend HELP!


I won an SR for gold medals, I’ve ascended 14 characters meaning i’m at 14 * 300 = 4200 gold medals spend.

But now wars don’t even give out gold medal rewards ?!?!?

I can buy an offer for 50 USD that gives 25 gold medals, so i need to spend 600 usd to get 1 ascend more ???

Please give out more gold medals again!!

Thank you in advance.


Indeed there should be more of them considering new players and the players return from the retirement screwed in this case for now.


Lock, the only problem there is once they make it easy for the whales to t4 there 6s…everyone else doesn’t stand a chance. At least the way they are doing it now, non whales still have a chance. Must be nice to have 14 6*s…At least you’re done spending doe right? :thinking:


14 is a bit much!! … I think you’ll be okay


I was grinding on SR to try and get them. It’s gonna take me a while…

Weren’t there gold medal prizes in the last war?


Non il n’y avait pas


First there was not enough to create a 6*. Then there is the fact that about 3 months ago “A Designer” said that we would be getting a roadmap for ascendance medals… more failed promises. oh but wait it wasn’t from albert so it doesn’t matter… But then again only 1 thing he said would happen has happened.


I really wish I had this problem. Like I really do. But here I am struggling to get a 4th 6*. lol