No Gear? No Problem, Send $500

This Gear Famine is becoming a bigger and bigger issue!
Honestly, send me the code and Ill make a legendary gear map in about ten minutes, surely its just a copy/paste job from UR gear and change the prizes!
Then Releasing everything that was promised to players(F2P) per month in a stash for a HUGE amount of money…


Utter trash $copley. Called out on your false prophet promises #sorrynotsorry


Yup that is my point too, someone nails your foot to the floor, offers you hammer for 500$ and say “you don’t have to buy it, no one is forcing you”. But that is how this game work.


I’ve got 5 stupid canteens from the stupid Museum trade in from the current & last Museum trade in. What are the odds of pulling 5 canteens from the Museum, its probably around 10% chance. This sh!t is rigged harder than Hillary Clinton winning the Presidential Election.

Don’t forget the offer with yellow 5* zeke or 1 out of the other 3 ascendable 5*s (beta yumiko red rosita) for 115 euros (here at least) while jeremiah was offered at pretty much the same price and i had seen some posts of people saying they started playing the game after zeke or missed out the zeke event. And well scopely provides once more :joy::ok_hand:

I am 15 Longcoats short of T2 for Sandy, Joshua & Gator. NVG’s Short for T3 Wyatt. And I think it’s long Coats again to T3 said Toons…
never been gear Blocked until now, will be a month before I T2 those 3, then will be another 18 of em :fearful: was gonna pull for Rrika but what’s the point, by the time I had her usable due to lack of Ar trainers she will be redundant.

2000 Freddos!! Subscribed to you JAB just for doing that maths xD

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Single biggest joke on the game right now. This gear problem was created by scopely on purpose. Can’t even bring five stars to tier 3 anymore. Wtf.


This, combined with the forthcoming Bruce specialist…is about to make a long time Masochist just walk away. For once I though Scopely would have been smart and someone in charge would have held themselves to a standard.

He may as well have rickrolled us, Id get more entertainment out of it.

I would like to see scopley employees drop $500 on the stash. Get a grip scopley. It’s pathetic.

@kalishane are you tempted to spend $500 on just gear and trainers?

It’s not even laughable. Just disrespectful. Utter Disgrace. Get some perspective.


I’ve been F2P since last February and I have little intention to change that. When I’m out of gear and it’s starting to hurt me that will be the time to (finally) move on.

I’m not asking for everything to be handed to me, I don’t mind the Legandary gear to be hard to come by, but don’t want te be left bleeding to death slowly.


@kalishane listen… six stars are still relatively new… you wanna slow down the release of the gear for them, fine I understand. Ultra gear has been around and readily available since the beginning stages of the game. Why is it so scarce all of a sudden?? What prompted this change players are wondering? Scopely should really really listen to the players and bring back this farmable gear…

Btw… ran through the gear map Monday and yesterday… with Rosa lead and other large and medium drop leads… not ONE single bag. Have those gone away with the update?? Shame shame shame.


Small info - from what I noticed drop leaders doesn’t do much on gear map. Tested blue Kenny (36crit ranged), Rosa (large drop) and Glenn (armory crate drop). I had most bags with Kenny on a single run.

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Would love to see a reply here from ‘the team’.

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Totally agree with JAB on this. We are being taken for a bunch of c*&^s

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$500 bucks would get me a Nintendo Switch and 3 games with about $20 to spare.

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The gear roadmap that we see almost every day needs the stages to be unlocked. I don’t need to do Act 1 or Act 2. I only need Act 3 and some freaking 6* gear. Where is the map they promised?


pure greed

Would do them justice just to come out and say their business minded decisions rather than letting everyone theorize and jump down the rabbit hole anyway. Just come out and say it don’t be scared, you can’t possibly catch more flak than you already do. At least it would be transparent, and honest. Anyone whose been around and still spends knows full well what they are supporting you aren’t going to turn off people any further.

Other than using the dark to keep items feeling rare and expensive, not knowing that around the corner they will be available.

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tbf i don’t care about things being offer for money, too each their own. If $550 buck for 150/200 pulls that consist of elite gear, urg gear, food, and tokens is worth it for the 50 good items go for it.

The main fact is that it %100 behind a paywall right now which basically cuts off 99% of the playerbase. Pretty bad design and that’s what cause the frustration among the player base.