No Gear Hunt Roadmap?

With so many lu, even a whole week of slut now, the gear hunt road map is now removed?

OK. I know you want $$$ but is it ridiculous to buy food, trainers, high level gears and even low level gears for almost 7x24 lu?

I think it is very hard to F2P players or mild spenders now as even you need to use coins for shirts and gloves.

What I think a good game is: you have F2P and P2P players. If players want to be top, they have to pay but F2P players can still have a chance if they are really play hard.

But now? A F2P player can’t even survive. Or you are asking them do not participate in the 7x24 lu?

Maybe now you can remove survivors drop (or only drop 1 or 2) from all roadmap and ask all players to buy survivors. And I can also suggest you to add a tiering token. Players have to pay you 1000 coin to get 1 token. Just like the flare gun. Then all F2P will turn into P2P.


I found a secret for 24/7 Solo LUs.

On a more related note, gear map missing yesterday does suck.

You dont need to participate in every LVL up.
Save up alot of toons, hit some milstones, train alot of survivors, craft alot of deluxe replenishes and wait for a good prize,
If 100K misson pops up use it, or store toons there untill the next level up when you plan to do good. its all about planning ahead and picking your spots. if your f2p you cant expect to get top 10 every event


Oh yes. We need not to participate for any event.

Then why play game?


can you read?? i said you dont need to play EVERY EVENT. its worth it to take a day or two and farm resources and then get better prizes next time.

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Oh yes. I said:

We need not to participate for ANY EVENT.


Nah he stold my name to try and be cool, nothings gonna happen

Don’t listen to this complainer he’s just trying to copy me


The game is more than just events? There’s also more than just LUs, so it isn’t like not doing 1 LU dooms you for every single other event.

You’re literally complaining about how they want to force players to buy food, trainers, and gear, when you also have the choice to not do so with no repercussions. This isn’t like the Dwight event where missing a milestone or two actually messes your chances of getting Dwight. If they run LUs 24/7, it is literally just a normal part of the game, like raids and territories.

So you skip this one LU. What’s the worse thing that will happen to you? You don’t get a Lillith/Ulysses? Guess what, next LU has them as well. War has them as well. Faction Assault Depot has them as well.

No gear map yesterday does hit some players who had planned on farming it hard, but the lack of gear map does not mean that players should spend money simply to perform in LU.

Just when I thought $copely couldn’t go any lower, they surprise me.

What an utterly despicable company. No wonder we’ve gone through so many community managers. I wouldn’t last a day trying to justify this company’s decisions.

You’re not an entertainment company $copely, maybe you should look to moving into insurance. You would be one of those companies that would weasel its way out of paying any claims.


Tell me about it, I was wondering wth it was too.
I believe I saw someone posted something about this yesterday but I can’t find it now for some reason.

Heck another R18!!!

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@JB.Scopely - can you please tell us if the gear roadmap will appear this week as normal?

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Hopefully we get the gear map this week. It will take the sting out of onslaught.

black ball says chances are slim, but gear creates will be sold

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Reply hazy try again

Now we need a falafel fight and this forum will be the new fight club

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Correct. Why? :wink: