No gear hunt map for shirts/gloves again?


Last week was first time we did not have a gear hunt map on Thursday which drops shirts / gloves / rain boots / sun glasses / other random gear people need to make 2stars in training grounds. Again this week it has failed to show up. Would it be possible to get this map back? Is it suppose to still be showing up and this is a bug?


I should thank scopely for not offering the weekly gear hunt roadmap… I want to pull for lydia, but seeing aa I dont have the gear needed to level her nor enough shirts and gloves to train 2* feeders why bother? Lol
Farming shirts and gloves is the most basic and important part of the game and no way in hell will I spend for toons, the trainers, the mods and then to top it all off now yall want me to spend coins for shorts and gloves… no thanks


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