No garret only tokens


I have only recieved the tokens for anniversary rewards but no garret. Other faction mates have the same issue while some got both. What’s going on?

Garret is no go
Garrett issue candle event

I have the same issue with some in my Faction. I’m assuming they will come but just slowlyyyyyyy.


I got a world can. Any idea what that was about?


I got tokens only, may be a little delay.


they didnt arrive at the same time for me. garrett first then the 60 tokens.


Hm okay maybe I’m worrying too much then


came in at the top of the hour for me. so been a few mins since.


■■■ me 2. just the tokens


They love to give me Garrett


Same boat. Other faction mates got both but I only have the tokens.


Same here


Same here on my Cook account. Got tokens but no Garrett. Received Garrett on my other accounts


Same with me collected 8k candals 2 different regions only got him in 1


Same here just tokens. No Garrett yet


I’m sure for wasting are time we will get a free war tank or something nothing of great value


Should have got two, they put up an impossible road map & had to fix it. Comp for people who burned juice trying at it


Same here, only tokens, i get red andrea though :smile:


Plus there is league tokens my 2nd region I got everything my main only got tokens so far


I only got tokens got them over an hour ago still no candle rewards;(


Last I heard, they are still working on distributing rewards. Was having some issues if I remember correctly. This was a few hours ago.