No % for sandy box.. or any level up box


Isnt this against TOS? Dont they need % chance for everything…? Or is it only things you have to pay for…


Only if it’s purchasable.

Prizes don’t cost money so the don’t have to.

PS: The odds are shocking. I’m yet to hear of anyone landing the toon from a chance box.


Not really true, as they could cost money. i.e. if you start buying trainer crates, speeding up scav missions.
not direct money, but indirect for sure.


If you buy the trainer crates they do have the odds included, if you coin a scavenger missing you’re buying a speed up which you 100% get.

I don’t make the rules, but that’s why the odds aren’t included in prizes.


Makes sense… just stupid


What I mean is: I can invest/spend tons of coins/money to finish 10-3. So I’d like to know what the odds are.
I would call it some sort of indirect sale or sort of auction.


likely the same odds as the surprise boxes which is like 0.3% chance I believe


Definitely not higher than a 1% chance but I bet your right on the money.

Makes me feel extremely lucky that I pulled Eugene from one of them the other week but sad that will probably be the only time.



It’s likely the odds are so low, we’re better off not knowing.


Ive landed eugene and anna from the boxes



Wasnt top 100 in these


My level 18 alt got a dev when I placed in the 300s. Nothing since


My favourite is the new advertised promo where odds DOUBLE!!!
from 1% to 2%… it’s a whole new game.


Well then you are extremely lucky.


I actually think the 2% is ok. That’s 2% for a six* & 2% for a five* ascendable giving you 4% in total. It means from a 40 pull you’re very likely to land an ascendable toon. Maybe no the promo, but still good.

If they boosted it to 5% each you be almost guaranteed an ascendable from a 10 pull. That’d be great for us but it is still business.


That’s how doubling odds always worked… prior to odds being released, people expected like a 5% increase in drop rate when doubled, which is so far off.


It’s still sensationalizing odds that aren’t significantly better. (100% increased chances!!!)
If you draw 100times, it’s stated you’re going to fail 98 vs 99 times…

Reminds me of:


Ehhh I must be an exception then cause I have gotten Ivanova, Yumiko and Anna… They really want me to have a melee team… I didn’t place high for Ivanova or Yumi but I did for Anna :man_shrugging:


While it is sensationalizing odds that aren’t any better, isn’t it still true at the end of the day? That’s how marketing works. You try and make something shitty look amazing, if you succeed, you did your job.