No faction events again this weekend

Any explanation for this? Are transfers opening again?

I don’t see anything about it here.

Thanks in advance for any info.


Copy and paste from the transfer weekend I’m sure. We haven’t had faction level up or raid in a while

Yes, I’m holding back for the faction events but they’re never happening.

It’s really annoying.

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Hey, my faction is dying for some. And what happened to the Faction Assault event we was supposed to have? I’m with you here!

@MrSlayer I have replied to this thread here Faction assault update? When yesterday.

This week the game team has decided to run solo based events but they will consider the feedback of faction event for the following week.



Thanks for answering. I’m bursting at the seams with toons that need leveling and raid cans. I hope we get those faction events soon.

Consider feedback of faction event. Whatx the point of factions besides war. That and onslaught only thing you guys are giving. People want faction events how hard is it to understand

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Faction events without garbage rewards would be great

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@Wickedbarb - Trust me It is understood and I continuously push this feedback across to the game team.