No Express Token

I bought the tokens 85 times but have not had tokens yet. Although I payed for them… who can help me?

I’m impressed you kept going for 85 times.

In game click: options > support > then find the speech bubble in the corner.

Tell them what happened. I’d advise you to keep it simple unless you want to have to explain 4 times. If they thank you for your feedback and “take it to the team” you have lost.

Good luck!


PB-Trottel. xD Hier wirst du keine Hilfe finden.

Thanks a Lot Mr. Unknown…
@Abby I had do this, but I get no reponse… so I think they will be lost…

The little engine that could

If it’s been less than 24 hours just wait longer

I still waiting over 48 hours

It is the weekend. You’ll hopefully get a reply tomorrow.