No execute kill or damage


The maximum amount of health left to the target…

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I didn’t troll, that’s true about Execution. It mods the damage to be exact the remaining HP.


You’re using the context of “maximum” wrong.

If the enemy has 800/1000 HP, his minimum HP is 0, his current HP is 800, and his maximum HP is 1000. Execution’s damage is equivalent to the enemy’s current health given (conditional clause) the enemy’s current health is at least 20% of its max health.

When you just say “max damage” you’re thinking numbers in the billions, that is the supposed damage cap in many games.


Troll someone else with your semantics. Common sense knows what’s being said.


Ok, guys, but the answer is, Bosses and Components are immune, then Execution is not even calculated. That’s why it doesn’t do max damage.


Common sense is why no one can agree with your logic to begin with. The boss is immune to Execution, but yet you state:


There is no common sense there to begin with; semantics is the only reason some of us can understand what you’re saying, even though you insist the mechanic should work another wya.


I know what he’s saying, but he’s still using the wrong terminology. As a result, it took how many more posts of clarification before it is finally understood by what he meant. This is how inefficiency begins.


Clearly you are selective reading. But that’s what a troll does. Pick at something to irritate it.

I already said I understand the logic. I just thought it should work different.

Won’t reply again to you troll.


Yep. And I still stand by it should work different.

Thanks for the input.


You ask why a feature doesn’t work as you think it should. Someone else corrects you with the correct information, then you say that person is trolling you because he uses the correct terminology. And this isn’t the first time you’ve done this simply because others are making more coherent statements, which I why I’m calling you out on it.

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