No events today?!

Anyone know what we have today? Solo level I’m guessing?
No update to the calendar as usual…

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Probably will start in a couple hours. I believe they have to wait for the New league stretch to begin before they can start a tournament that gives league trophies.

Not confirmed, just my suspicion.

our VK friends predicted a Solo SR in about 2h10mins from now

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Okay guys thank you!

I hope they make hordes today

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Even vk doesn’t have a calendar up last time I looked.

even vk xant mine it
meaning scopely has hired someone to press the big red button to start events

let’s hope they have the alarm on to start the event

As I understand it, the calendar from vk is based on the calendar here. They don’t data mine the calendar. So theirs will update when our calendar here gets updated.

But the times included in the post about rewards I believe are data mined. I could be mistaken, but i dont think i am.

I hope they do hordes the day after hell freezes over lol

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Servers are down there to cold, awaiting heaters :joy:

Looks like it’s all over🤷🏼‍♂️

No level up? :joy:

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Its the end of the world!


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