No epic 40 pull info

“Oh look another complaint thread” nah fam, this is more or less passing on information. Basically if you pull in random orders and then do a 40 pull you aren’t always guaranteed an epic. Idk if this might help someone else but I felt like I should share as it might help solve some problems


Already known. Been explained many times.


K, just wanted to throw it out there anyway. First I’ve heard of it.

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Depends where that Cooper was in prior pulls, if it was the 40th on a 40 pull, then the next 40 would get an epic. Rule is each block of 40 gets at least 1 epic, Makes no difference if the pulls are 1 40, or 4 10s, or 40 1s.

If doing pulls from the premier wheel, the 40 count resets back to zero when the current promo expires.

The above assumes the system is working which is debatable right now given other reports.


Does that mean your promo window is currently showing “39 pulls” until the next batch of pull bonus?

Not sure, support hasn’t gotten back to me since that message.

It’s the number showing on your “premier recruits” landing screen. (with Erika flashing back and forth)

“Open X more to receive these BONUS ITEMS”

What is X?

Spot where pirates buried treasure. Did I win?

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Yes you win.

I have a feeling that X is really high.

In which case, the guy got lucky and pulled a 5* early then did a 40-pull; most of which to “pay off” for the next 40 minus n outstanding pulls.

If that’s the case, then the morale of the story is: if you don’t get the premier recruit but do get a 5* early, think of it as a win and move on. Otherwise, you will need to “pay it off” by finishing the rest of that 40 pulls before the next 5* is eligible.

Yeah. I pulled Laura from tokens. Meh for days.

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