No dwight for us


Well after seeing the “hard catch up” and by that i mean a freaking faction level up that in order to get the barbs and shirts you need you need 1 million but its not like we can ve surprised about this @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely @Hedge @CombatMan @CombatDevIl @Agrajag @Blake @Spyder @carol who dont care just tell us why why do this to us? Because you hate us? Or yall like to see us suffer?? Huh tell us oh wait yall want answer cuz yall dont care about anything about us only if it involves M O N E Y $$$

Another disappointment

You can’t blame the game creators if you don’t get Dwight. Blame yourself. You’re clearly not dedicated enough.


Yeah at the 750k and 1 million milestone after 200 level ups this month


Dude, you can hardly get mad at them for providing extra opportunities to get the items you need. I got Dwight last week, there have been ample opportunities to get the items for both Dwight and his rifle, if I hadn’t claimed both already I’d be sitting with extra items across the board.


If you were saying this 1-2 weeks ago i would agree but there were plenty of items given out so far and you should stop complaining. You want dwight handed over to you via your inbox?


150,000 - 2,000,000 XP in milestones for lvl up is ridiculous. Do they even play the game from our stand point or just like screwing the player’s over? These milestones are a joke. They are unreasonable, unreachable, unrealistic to everyone when they have run lvl up into the ground. Everyone is tried of calling on you to lower them back down to where they started out originally at a reasonable amount. Listen to your player base or your going to continue to lose dedicated player’s. Who will leave word about how you treat your player base on multiple websites. I’m sure many already have done it.


I have to agree. The only reason not to get dwight was too many lvl up events. They rectified that with a raid event. I didn’t spend a single cent and got dwight. Also been playing the game for about 3 months so I can’t see a reason not to get him🤔


It’s like this , Dwight is just not meant for everyone to have some guys in my faction have him in for one don’t I really wanted his gun so I went for that , if everyone would be running around with a legendary Dwight it also wouldn’t be fun , it was surely possible to get him if you didn’t get him , get over it and move on there will be other toons coming where you can have a crack at



I was trying for both, not just one or the other.


Who are you man ?? I never give folks hate , hate is a strong word and I don’t even have the gun yet I still need my 75parts , which I hope to get in he next level up , again I have no clue who you are but I’m not a hater



I can see how people will miss him the milestones have been very high for some events. With this event I should be able to get him I didn’t think I would so I’m pretty happy this time. For once scopely did me a solid! I feel for the peeps that will miss out though!


Don’t forget it’s a faction level up where bonus mission’s points go toward your faction and not your individual score. So it’s gonna be much harder to everyone who needs those shirts.

It’s funny @PSMike you say you don’t wanna see Dwight everywhere. That’s exactly what we have here with Mira, Carl, Zeke and the others. I mean, I’m with you on that. Lack of diversity has already killed this game for many.


Totally agree , everyone including myself has this miraboobs lead and let’s face it she’s still excellent and I still have 2 miraboobs not ascended yet or they have carl and Tyrese and man is that Tyrese overpowered like a mofo it’s time for some more ascendables indeed and not a new legendary every 2 months …


Who’s blaming scopely ? Surely not me I admit he was obtainable indeed


What they have done with the rifle is BS! Bring back the maps you turned off before their timer reset!


A month and a half ago one million got you both ascendable barker and Abe. Now it gets you Benedict. Seems about right.


I remember when these long special events were designed to reward players who play every day. This event has pretty much screwed over any player who has started this game in the past 3-6 months by making these obtainable through milestones well beyond their reach (especially since they placed restrictions on YGL). I got the shirts easily in my main region where level up points aren’t an issue, but in Dade, where the entire faction is made up of new players, not a single person will get Dwight, despite grinding out every map and making every effort to. Several are quitting. Scopely’s not just turning off long standing players, but new players into the game aren’t staying.


I completed the Dwight mission with 1150 barbed wires and I didn’t get all the milestones, and @kalishane did say that the remaining parts will be more difficult to collect


I’m in one of the top factions in my region and those who cry too many opportunities are the ones who have enough toons to level up over and over, not everyone is that fortunate, after realistically, 9 level ups within the last 2 months, there isn’t much to work with anymore, after a month more of the milestones going higher, your snobby attitude will turn into anger quick as all hell, then who will feel they just want things handed to them?


Compared to the Negan event, the Dwight is much easier to obtain.
I farmed like a maniac and never got Michonne’s head to drop, and I spent on that shit event.

At least Dwight was obtainable if you participated in the level ups