No CRW but AOW. Changing schedule on short notice SUCKS


Well done @JB.Scopely dont listen to the community… another wasted chance


@JB.Scopely if you make it 6v6 in every region, buh bye.


We had CRW this month

The next CRW must happen in the next month. 1 time per month is enough.
It’s the final of year and we can relax and enjoy our lives :smile:


Aow is not better than CRW but one of each per month is perfect. I hope we had the 200k milestone in aow too


Yep. 200k milestones are perfect to keep the q running :slight_smile:

scopely goes by region war at the turn of the year, who wants to bet? Scopely just fucks everything

I’m fine if they do 1 crw and 1 aow per month. What annoys me the most is the schedule change on short notice since I have made my plans for the weekend already and have cancelled lots of rl appointments to be able to participate in crw

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If you want to do something else then dont play… crw is the main reason people still play this game… people crying for aow are the people who want easy top rewards in their region but know they dont even get top 10 in crw…


100% this.

thats Right!

I agree with this 100%. AOW sucks in my region, it actually makes me want to quit as continually fighting the top whale faction(s) is pointless.

This is the reason, 110%

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Aow sucks screw this

I do agree that there should be 1 AoW and 1 CRW per month to keep everyone happy.
But, changing things at such short notice is a real d!ck move.

I am in a region where AoW is still fun, but like most, we’ve been planning for CRW since it was announced.

Or the people who want crw are in dead regions with slow quee times and don’t transfer because of easy rewards in every other event :man_shrugging:t2:


Yet want to moan about how matching takes 30mins plus

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Let’s enjoy our lives!!! CRW just next year :sunglasses:

Merry Xmas and Happy new Year!! :smiley:

im looking forward to your depot video @Dexter

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sorry? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: