No creativity scopely?

Scopely you are very uncreative, these chips that are coming in the award is of no use. Where are the 5 star chips? those of respect, medals for ascension ??? We do not want any more equipment tokens. @kalishane @CombatMan

It’s all part of the slow grind for us to finally T4 some of our 6* :+1:

but could vary in the prize that comes along with the gold nugget

True. But the collections end in less than 4 days. So it will finally be over then. So we can go back to shity amounts of 5* tokens as rewards :ok_hand:

need to make an adjustment on the roulettes 5 stars too, to put the new characters that can become 6 stars … is already outdated

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People have mentioned tokens for 6*. Would be a good idea imo.

Let’s be real. If Scopley was ever to do 6* tokens. It would be 10k for one pull and the reward structure would probably be 500 tokens for 1st place followed by ridiculous amounts for the rest. It would take ages to even get one pull. But I agree we do need a 6* gear roadmap in place first. And more ways to get 6* trainers.