No contested state in new territories

Can someone explain to me why multiple factions can place team in these new territories while clearing walkers, when the final walker is clear it never goes into A contested state, but another faction immediately has the territory under their control? Is there some strategy I am missing?

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Yes, this is how the territory gets attacked in the very beginning, by clearing walkers. The faction that clears the most walkers gets control of the territory.

A contested state only happens when a territory is already held by a faction, but loses control when MULTIPLE factions drain their existing HP, and add defenses in the process of doing so. Once the tenants are booted, the territory goes contested.

every terri is like that.

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Interesting, I swear we have gone into a contestested state right after clearing walkers on some territories. Admittedly having walkers in a territory doesn’t happen much in my region.
Thanks for the info guys.

You are not imagining things. Some of these new territories have been entering a contested state after the walkers are cleared out. I’m assuming it’s a mistake.

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