No confuse from shiva


This was from war this weekend. @CombatDevIl shiva didn’t confuse the team. Bug? Or working as intended.


coming in 9.0 but that werent pushed before war


It has been said multiple times that the two shielded characters should experience confuse as that is the intended mechanic of confuse.

Seeing it did not happen in your screenshots suggests you are on a pre-9.0 version (which is only for Beta) where this has been fixed


Thanks for the help. Makes sense now why it worked for some.


Yep, coming on 9.0 :slight_smile:


When is 9.0 coming?


Soon, :slight_smile:


“How soon is now?”


I, myself, don’t know exactly, so I prefer not throw a date and then afterwards be blamed if didn’t happen. :wink:


wait what? Should shield able to block confuse or not? I’M CONFUSED AND NEED AN ADULT!


Only if it causes damage to the target simultaneously.


Shield only prevent CONFUSE (or any other status) if it comes alongside DAMAGE.


So, soon is now. :stuck_out_tongue: , 9.0 has been released and should be available to you update anytime soon.


You made a mistake using Shiva/Priya as your prime examples when explaining the Guardian fix. Granted, they’re the two most common characters out of those affected, but people only saw it as the “fix is Guardian blocks confuse” rather than “the fix was about inconsistency between ARs.” Some people see correlation but no causation.


Thank you very much @CombatDevIl :blush::blush::blush: