No coins - not qualified enough

Ive been following the news about the 1250 coins. I figured I would give Scopley a few days - maybe there was actually an issue giving them out (I doubt it).

So I messaged to see what the status was. Turns out only “qualified players” will get the coins.

“Please be advised that the system automatically sent the compensation to all eligible players.”

When I asked why I’m not qualified and what determine a qualified player the response was:

“The free 1250 coins are no longer available. I hope this will not stop you from enjoying the game.”

I guess I will never be seeing them. I haven’t been deemed qualified by Scopley.

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Inb4 someone says scopely is perfect and would never mess up like that and sent everyone the coins

A few things tho, how long have you played? Are you in normal game or beta? Etc.

I think everything else is what stops people from enjoying the game and missing out on some coins can make you not wanna spend, i mean if they messed that up, they might mess up you buying coins so no need to spend :slight_smile:

Ive been playing 2-3 years now. I took a few months break when I got really annoyed with the game. Ive been back for about a year solid now. I missed a few days here and there. But I play regularly. But I guess the few dollars I spend here and there and 90% attendance makes me unqualified.

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I should show you the questions I asked and how the just basically side stepped the answers.

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Time to join #playersunited :smiley:

Oh we know how support deflects lololol

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Sign me up. I mean they are never ever ever any help. The only way I’ve ever somewhat progressed in the game is spending money. I use to spend a lot more than I should have (not like thousands) or anything. Now I just treat myself to something once in a while.

Its gotten to the point where scopleys lackluster attitude towards its platforms, games and most of all - its stakeholders; is absolutely pathetic. There is a reason people look down on this company - its the sheer ignorance they treat their players with. What is a few coins to them in all honesty.


Who is leading the boycott of spending not a dime for a solid month.

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You are

No ones really leading, the whales and @Bane kinda started it but its about standing united and not spending till things are fixed and changed, gap is closed, etc. I rec you read the thread

To bad the “not spending” part isn’t more publicly known. There needs to be a more efficient, effective way to get the message across, no?

Sorry, maybe I’m just blabbering now.

Agreed, more need to join and i think it would be great if star trek and looney toons had players united as well

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Doesn’t surprise me that was the answer you got from the support system. It’s bloody terrible and never any help. I messaged about my league achievements glitching and not completing and I got the damn recycled “give us these details” message from them. Then they never responded.

I also messaged asking if everyone would get a free survivors cake over the whole ‘replace prestige crate with cake’ farce and my response was for automated then when I demanded an actual response I got another bot post saying club members would find their cake in the Featured section of the store.

Terrible events, terrible anniversary, terrible wheels, terrible support. It’s like how the fuck did Scopely ever get to be as successful as they bloody are when they can’t even do the simplest things right?


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