No coins for you Scopely


Well, another level up and another time where I have no xp scavs in my camps. I have nothing even to coin under 125 coins. The next mission I can abort is in 18 hours and by then everybody will be too far ahead. So I am going save my coins and not give your sh$&@y company a damn thing. One would think you would want me to get scavs because I would pay 360 coins to skip and another 48 to refresh. So on average I would special a few thousand a level up. But I cannot do that if I never get them. I have had 2 in all of 2018. So when you get you heads out of your arses you might want to fix this. Several of my teammates and in our region have this issue. So you are losing tons of revenue you can reinvest to bring out new premiers instead of our legacy characters being ascendable. I am not wasting my food to level these characters by hand so you can try to sucker me into buying food. Screw you Scopely.


That enforces the belief of what should be done. I’m impressed at how some fellas still open their pockets to this.