No cans for war!

No deals no event for war cans? You scopely people are missing out on making money this weekend. Seem like you guys are trying make us dry before Woc championship


And charge 100$ for 5 cans!

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Farm farm farm👍


I’ll take 10 cans !

Speed, Speed , speed. Can’t farm

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Got 10 at begginning never use coin for it only farm and 148k done now

Hmmm I get that😔

Seriously? There is no need to buy cans for coins or real money. As LB mentioned above already, you just have to farm and ghost towers. I am not running out of cans. Always between 10 - 20 cans after every CRW.


i dont think we can score high and with speed if u go for farming cans

Minimum is 25, sorry. Plebs can go farm cans at a rate of 1 can per 5 wars.

I never hit tower … and i come out of war with net of -10 to +20 cans … just by only hitting camps …

I have shit luck and barely get any cans from towers that I get each war or from anyone I hit

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It’s all about buckets, obviously. In my old faction, I amassed well over 100 cans over a course of 6-7 months.

In the new one, I very often used a can to get a 4th hit in (since I put a tower def) and the war is over, often even without me getting rewards from that 4th battle. I went down to 40-50 cans quickly, but now watch out not to can in at the end of the war to have it wasted and manage an equilibrium. Haven’t gone below 40 cans for the last 3 months without the need of farming at the towers and I rack up some 3k-4k in the “quick wars” when not general and up to 15k in the evenly matched battles when I also have the general bonus…
Typically net in between 110k - 170k in the weekend 2 days wars (1b region)

Well were on different level then you guys probably. We can’t hang around to farm. So that doesn’t work for us


especially with all the flops you have, am I rite :wink:

Seems a dry one for can drops too. Don’t usually get this low

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I agree 100% with that statement so it’s a good thing I came prepared. :wink:



Holy heck bruv

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Never had to buy cans… all free baby… used to farm more than used but seems slower drop rate. Yet still up… your level must be lower than most if it’s just you using cans in your faction…

Never buy cans, just farmed! Now I don’t even try to gain them…the more I use the more I get.