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While running SR level 381 vs yellow walkers i had 5* Michone in my line up. Although since they “fixed” critical making critical weapons almost useless for high level SR i had those as well. Ofcourse as always now by turn 3 the walkers are right on you cause you csn only kill 5 to 9 in 3 turns. I use michone and through down camouflage. Next turn one walker still hit snd killed her. Wtf! That dont work right anymore either. This game is sooo broken. Bring on new while old is still broke.


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I have had that issue forever.

I have noticed this myself for the first time ever recently after it happened I wished I would have look it over more but I was too much of a rush and I was wondering if that zombie might have been stunned or under some other state at that moment so he was free on that next turn even though everyone was camouflaged I’m not sure it’s rare

Ya I’ve had camo Michonne forever now and she hasn’t popped camo for me in a while now…and I hate that crit doesn’t work anymore … It makes daily sr a real chore


I use 2 camouflage Michonnes in my team, and it’s working so far.

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Yeah i have 3 of her as well

You need to get a video and tag one of the devs

Introducting: Zombie combat mods!!

Welcome to a whole new hell where zombies are camoflauge and headshot resistant!!!

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I just tested here on SR and seems to work properly:

Turn 1 - Used Michonne’s AR

Turn 2 - Check camouflage status lost one tick and walkers are on the same position

Turn 3 - Camouflage wears off and walkers move

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All i know is 1 walker was not stunned and that was the start of the demise to my team.

Stun? Camouflage doesn’t cause stun on Walkers.

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No camo stops them. Im not new to the game im on SR level 382. I know the mechanics of it all. It was just odd that michone rushed and all walkers but one that was not under any other effect stopped. The one that was not effected 1 hit killed my lead of the team and it was a domino effect from there. My entire team was dead 3 turns later cause even though i had a crit lead and weapons i only killed 2 walkers in 3 turns. You guys really need to unfix the critical. Its ridiculous to see your team wiped out by walkers of a weaker trait cause you cant get but 2 headshots in 3 rounds. It ruined SR for alot of people. The humans were hard enough to kill and now walkers are a pain as well.

Camo essentially stuns them. they should be frozen in time for 3 turns

Nope, this thought is wrong. Lets say you have a team consisting of one fighter who is dead at that moment, one revive fighter and Michonne, both full AR, if you use Michonne’s AR then uses Revive AR, the fresh revived fighter won’t have camouflage, and Walkers will focus on them.

Yeah, but in his case all 5 were alive and only 1 zombie attacked, if it wasnt a glitch then all of them would have moved to that toon

criticals may have changed but it in no way breaks the game. i was probably the first to finish daily sr dating back to last year. yes, before 6s went into full effect and 5s were handed out like candy. i still plow through my daily everyday and still can blitz through in about 20 mins depending on the stage composition. if anything daily sr is way the hell easier than its ever been with all the 6s all over the creation. as for the walker issue, i couldnt answer on that. i havent used og mich for a very long time and i have 3 of her.

Yes all 5 were up and full health. It was turn 3 when michone rushed. Right after her rush 1 walker hit killing drop lead zeke.

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right after? So she was the last one to act or did you have any other fighter to act and the walker reacted on your turn?

Would you have an ss of the used team so I can try to reproduce this scenario?

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This was the first time it happened and i was so stunned it did i didnt ss it. Michone was the last one to act. Right after the walker hit. Ive ran SR since and not had the issue again.

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