No calendar Event? Solo SR Incoming!

Yay a day or so off I guess. Nothing at all listed after war.
No event listed for Monday, ahh a refreshing change from the grind that has been to constant. The good ole days when we had faction event every other weekend and weren’t bombarded with event after event after event.
This grind is getting old.
Keep on surviving & expect a lvl up seeing as that’s the norm lately.


They quit. The whole company. On to better opportunities. I commend them for doing something i cant, like an addict with a crack pipe, i keep on smokin.


Solo SR incoming, to think we would have a day off from events hahaha

Rewards are awful you can take off from this event and not miss much tbh.


Can you share the rewards and start time?

1300 eastern US, 47 hour duration

This was available on VK 18 hours ago.


Back to the empty third rows :frowning:

What, did you think that Scopely was going to put some choice gear there? Come on.

No but they had just done a few with r2p tokens on third slot. Could have at least given us elite item or char tokens

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Ulysses is almost an anagram for useless. It’s what I prefer to call him these days.


Very funny Draconian. I also call him Uselesses in faction chat. So worthless.

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Maybe they will start that up again with next month’s event.

scopely. i can make a calendar in 5min. why didn’t put one???
shame on you…
and this tokens…

we need medals!!!

Medals for what?

The calendar is useless just play the game and let the events come and go

Level up for exemple, you need to know it before

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Let’s hope there adding stuff and that’s why it’s not up

You should always be prepping for lvlup. Have a scavenger camp ready and wait for the notification to appear