No black friday event?

No event because Scopely is already has dark&black mind?

where is coin offer like $1 for 10,000

or $1 for any 6*s lol


Sorry to disappoint but it’s not the scopely way

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It astounds me…cheap coins or $5 6* pull costs Scopely NOTHING, they would receive some revenue from the small purchases.

Black Friday is a huge event around the world and Scopely cant even do anything generous.

Huge screw up…here’s a 4* and some burts.
Huge worldwide event…here’s…nothing.

Really shows true colours.


Scopley too busy counting our hard earned money


Scopes black friday’s is already done.

There was this great offer : use 20 bennys to level up a toon and get 8 bennys back for free.


Isn’t Black Friday an in store sale and cyber Monday is online sales?

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Please dont ask for them to do something that they will screw up again. That all we need is a new giant scopley.



Correct :slight_smile:

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Yes but there are also tons of games that have Black Friday sales. Then again other games are also fair and loyal to their players.

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They had 25 percent off coin packs. Guess that’s their big sale. Misleading when most coin packs now have “30%” extra.

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Did y’all not see the BOGO turkey sale? What no wood to run that map? We have another harvest deal over here.


R.I.P black friday.

Subscribe to the survivors club and thats your black friday sale.

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C’mon man. Those oil paintings and cigars aren’t cheap.

They still mad on all the money they lost on the half off deals people were changing regions and buying

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