No Batteries for Sunday’s Road Rage Map... unless you Pay for 1% Chance

If you’ve done every event’s milestones for all the batteries:

  • 100k in War
  • 1.25 mill in Lvl Up
  • Elite in Survival Road

You will notice that you will still be short when Sunday’s Road Rage Map loads back up. That’s 1099 tires you will miss out.

Right now your only other option is to spend for a 1% chance at getting batteries.


$10 pack lol


$10 is really nothing, I get that people have tough times with money, but how much do people spend on coffee or other vices? Or how much do people spend on video games for console/PC?

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Theres a chance for another offer yet its the key I will be missing

As soon as you buy anything you’re no longer getting a “free” toon


Nobody “forgot”. It was supposed to be a f2p event, so you would expect to be able to get more of the batteries for free.

Was it supposed to be? Or was that what people in the forums led you to believe?

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Sorry, it had the POTENTIAL to be a f2p event. Also doesn’t matter if Scopely used the term or not.

They don’t use the term for any event to my knowledge and yet most can be gotten by f2p. That’s false saying it matters if they say it or not. They don’t have to say it.

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Apple is my favorite phone company, I buy phones from them. If I told them I should get a free phone because they said so, and they didn’t, I can be sued.

(And it’s Apple, of course they will sue whoever they can and want)

I would argue it is STILL a f2p event. It will be entirely possible for beta or sophia without dropping a dime, whether that extends to the disarm/decap remains to be seen (improbable looking at past history)

At no point was it advertised as you will 100% get this decap or disarm for free

A phone company and a game isn’t a good comparison.

And yet they can be gotten by f2p. Which mainly makes them f2p events. You can pay to get farther, doesn’t make it a p2p event.

I’m not complaining. Then like I said, a f2p event. Thanks for agreeing.

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Okay, how about the comparison of: If I go to a food vendor, and they give me a napkin, am I allowed to ask for a free hotdog, because giving me the napkin means the food is free?

A game isn’t meant to be associated with real life. It can have real life situations in it, but not everything in a game is meant to be compared with real life. Just like the topic at hand.

I can afford it, but I’d rather not pay $10 on pixels again.

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What do you mean? The news tells me what I do in a video game, I will do in real life. So basically, video game = real life.

The news would NEVER lie… right?

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That’s for you to decide. I’m not telling you what to and not to believe.

Never said anything about me wanting and not wanting a character. I’m not finding much use in this event. I have 3 decaps, that Bruce, the Sophia and already have a Neutralize, not seeing much that will benefit me from grinding for toons I already have or skills I already have.

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