No announcement for the spider event

While I like how you are helping us with the S-Class items I still have to questions to ask. Firstly why was there no announcement on here or the blog you made specifically for this reason. Secondly we know how to get spiders but how do we get the dolls?

Will be announced after it expires :rofl:


This wouldn’t have happened if JB was still here!!!

Just kidding, of course it would have…​


The super duper ultra mega secret line chat would know if JB was here cause he only served the most fresh hot fully baked info there


Sound about right.


Oh don’t think it would of been JB it would of more likely of been forum admin

Probably be an offer for spiders… you wouldn’t think so eh?

Welcome to the The Spending Dead: Raiding Your Wallet haha


The walking dead: road to spending

Motto: keep on spending


How much are we betting the Scary Doll is gonna have to be bought?


So completing SR will get you 100 collectables unless you can somehow get hold of 10 scary dolls from somewhere?? Wow what an improvement!!!


Completing SR gets you 1000 spiders but there is no way of getting dolls.

It looks like it is a pay to play event with the dolls as there is currently on in offers

Scary doll currently up for sale in offers.

Keep on spending.

Looks like free to play are being taxed for being free to play it is stupid

@GR.Scopely can we get some info on this will dolls be free at some point or not?

1% of an Sclass for a 15 day event. I wouldn’t say they are helping us towards an Sclass.
We get 4.5 times that in the same time period for just doing the daily roadmaps.

And people are happy with it.
The brainwashing is complete.

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60 x 10 = 600 so if you get 1000 spiders and ten dolls you can get 600 sclass items

So 1% for the non spenders and 6% for the spenders.
Neither is really great tbh.

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Yeah pretty much

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