No 6* Dwight crossbow bug?


So I’ve ascended my “A new threat” Dwight yesterday and lvled him fast to use in my main team. And I’m pretty excited with his Rush and weapon special skill. But when I went to my armory to mod his weapon for better AR bonus I couldn’t find it in my armory. So I’ve checked his weapon in character’s screen and it has 250 power points. But I couldn’t find it in armory neither in inventory!
So how shall we mod it if it’s not available from inventory?
So I’m asking other players if it’s only me having this bug or it’s a character’s weapon bug for all the players?
And I want to hear the answer from @kalishane .


Someone in my region had the same thing happen to them. They said it disappeared from their armory when they did an upgrade.


Was the same with ascendable fast negan had a super cool bat , disappeared when ascended …


discussed before


Oh damn. Too bad it is like it is. I actually like his stronger attack special skill and too bad I can’t mod his weapon. Well I guess it means I got to make one with that skill in my own.


better go for double attack rather than trait if you are gonna do modding for a weapon from scratch.


So I guess it is nice that he doesn’t have a bound weapon. But considering the stronger trait is a really nice skill to have, its a shame it can’t be upgraded. Swings and roundabouts I guess…


Basing on upgrade bars I see on a left of his weapon I can presume that developers decide to announce this bug (weapon unavailability) as a feature and it’s really pity.


And the wonderful irony of it being called “adaptable” when it can’t be adapted at all!


How is he? Is he strong?


I haven’t ascended him yet. Pulled Carl so been working on him.

Classic Scopely giving me one of the vital characters mere hours before they release two pretty effective counters to him…


The fact that it cant be upgraded is pretty stupid


Good catch. Didn’t notice that, and it obviously wasn’t noticed by the other testers, heh. Will log an issue.


It’s not the same. That bow is attached to the 6* version of Dwight, unlike Negan. His weapon was attached to the 5* version and was lost in the process of ascendance. The 5* Dwight has no attached weapon, though.


I believe @CombatDevIl already answered this in another post. Dwight is unique as his bow is not upgradable HOWEVER you can put other weapons in him unlike other toons that come with a weapon.


What, exactly, is the bug? The fact that it can’t be upgraded or the fact that it displays three upgrade slots available? I’ve been under the assumption that it will be changed to be upgradeable.


According to my Faction mate the weapon isn’t even available in inventory to select for an upgrade but player card for 6* version still shows crossbow equipped


If you click on the weapon it says it’s fully upgraded. They wanted it to be an advanced, but not locked, weapon according to the developers.


The fact that it displays 3 upgrade slots. This should be fixed in a future update, as no default weapon will ever be able to be upgraded.


@CombatMan I’m lost here. Will it be fixed to be upgradable or will it be a non-upgradable default weapon?

If it’s a non-upgradable weapon it’s a shame to waste a pretty functional weapon (similar to 6* Yumiko crossbow).

If it’s going to be an upgradable weapon it would be cool.

Anyway, hope you can clarify this!