Nitpicking definitely put to the bottom of the list

I don’t have a recording of it but I’ve lost the three fireworks explosions at the end of matches.
It might be just my old Android but I used to hear three explosions at the end now I only hear two because one pre ejaculates at the end of the Mission so then I only really here to at the next scene.
Like I said it might be my phone but definitely put it at the bottom of the list on the next update if it isn’t my phone thanks again

What are you on about???


I know what game he’s talking about…



I hope it has sound on here

My gift won’t upload

Never mind I’m going to stick my tongue out at you and just post this awesome weapon that I just got a better watch out one day this is going to be deadly

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Yep, I agree.


Should see a doctor about that

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