Nik's maim is broke now


Not playing victim just saying that it is taking three people to one to try and prove me wrong but I’m sticking with my opinion and that’s final that nik is hot garbage


Read it and that’s why he is garabage he should have high defence and hp not attack as maim makes it useless and he In my opinion is why he is a bit all over the place


Do you play this game and the whale level, because if you do you would realize how well it all works, especially ap drain


What do you mean whale level I am a FTP player
And yes I know how ap drain works it is when a character has say 85 ap it will knock 15% of that off which is 12.75 or 13 ap knocked off there rush making them unable to rush unless they have command


Yeah i also have ap drain on disarm Bruce and negan a new threat but in some cases it isn’t always enough


God this is getting to much for me it’s been fun going to mute this topic thanks for getting the anger of my chest been needing that good luck with your niks or Shawns or other toons like Clem a character I bought all the best see you later guys!


Alright buddy, see ya later


i just had to jump on the wagon and complain like the rest :smiley:


I think Nik is pretty sweet. Yes, i agree his high attack is wasted by the maim but ap down and command make up for it. I love having the ability to use Romanov’s rush on second turn and focus is very handy with all shield teams out there nowa days. I dont regret getting him


I know you muted this thread but just so you have all the facts for Ap Drain, its not 15%, its a flat 15. So not 15% of 85 leaving them at 72, its 15 leaving them at 70. Or a 66 being sent down to 51. Just so you know

The active GIVES 15% to 3 teammates


If someone doesn’t understand the benefit of an 8 percent weapon it would make sense why they think Nik sucks.

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