Nik's maim is broke now


There were 2 toons left. They both had maim and one died and the other did not but i won the match anyway


Everything is working as intended


This one is overused but every time they release an update they break just about everything.

Too bad we don’t have something like a beta program to test for bugs before releasing the patch. :smirk:


Winning with one opponent left standing has been reported.

Several issues with maim have been reported though none directly involving Nik but there seems to be an overall issue with how Maim is working.


Another thing why would you buy nil any way he is hot garbage you would be better off with Glenn, siddiq or kelly


Whaaaat??? Nik is awesome. Besides that none of them other toons would benefit from Ricks leader skill


He is extremely versatile


It’s not maim. I’ve seen this elsewhere during raids. Haven’t figured out how to trigger it yet.


Th only good thing about him is command his attack stat is completely useless because of maim and personally a thinks his character is a bit all over the place and not in a good way


Command? Good. Yellow? Good. AP Drain AR? Good. Can hold and 8%? Good.


Yellow bad ap drain is pritty terrible but can’t be resisted
New event with disarm bruce makes him much worse and I don understand the 8% thing


Nik is amazing. So much you can do with him.

The ability to hold the 8% alone makes him worthwhile, let alone the fact he’s gen2, free (ish) and a command.


Another thing is focus on active isn’t amazing neither is his ap gain
I mentioned that the only good thing is his command. Personally I would use Kelly all day every day or Glenn but that’s just my opinion


Neither of whom can hold an 8% weapon. Instantly making them less useful.

Each to their own but Nik is awesome and you are completely under rating him


To each their own


Don’t think I’m under rating him at all I think your over rating him. One thing is you really need a rick lead but not everyone has him and I don’t even have a speed team because of that reason. didn’t realise how much of a touchy subject this is for people, would of kept my mouth shut if I knew that I would be attacked with replies of the reasons why they think is good


Don’t Play victim.
Rick was F2P login event, I assume you missed the event?
He also works under a Green Abe which was another f2p event. The 8% Ap to all teammates weapon is useful to get those long ARS (76-85) off sooner PLUS the command to bring those toons back a turn sooner.
The AP Drain, like you even stated, cannot be resisted and it causes those affected to fall another turn behind preventing them from ARing on you. Those dam pesky Revive chains can easily be stopped with Ap Drain.
Focus is good, as you can ignore the shield.
Those are the reasons the Me, Myself, and I think he is good. I have him, and have him Tier 3 max and plan to max him come Monday. He is even on my defense, that’s how much I believe in him.

I get it, you don’t like him for your own purposes, and that fine. As I said earlier, to each their own. All I can do is present the reasons I believe he is NOT


You started it


Not attacking at all, trying to explain why I (and others) believe you are wrong.

As stated above, to each their own, you carry on using kelly/glenn and be happy with your choice.

Other of us will use Nik and enjoy the benefits he brings :slight_smile:

The last post by @Bane pretty much nails it. Read it and you may learn a thing or three about why he is so good



Don’t have abe either