Nik and Shawn gear spreadsheets

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Arguably more helpful than Scopely 99% of the time!


Not sure, Nik looks like a school shooter who plays CS:GO irl


Not worth going for either imo. Saving my tokens for Season 4, where we have confirmation that at least 1 character will be decent (that weapon on him as long as they don’t take it from him).

so only 100,000 league tokens to t4 the characters. Seems a little to rich for my taste. I dont think I will be getting either of these guys.

More annoying than the price is waiting to use them unless you spend 1400 coins.

Thanks VK.

No thanks to you Scopely :wink:

Laughable how the official source is less reliable than a 3rd party. Thankfully too, VK doesn’t shove their offers down our throat each time we visit their page.

100,000 league tokens and 3 weeks to max ONE of these season characters… lol.

Another awesome feature from this wonderful patch /puke

I wonder if they’ll get their own weapons

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Nik is good but not worth that much.

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