Nightmare Survival Road

I can usually get through legendary. On this, bronze. I now see why Scopely put in decent prizes…because mainly/only whales will get them. Gee. It’s almost like Scopely wants players to quit.


Nothing wrong with challenge and this is much better formatted than the first attempt.

Although, I do think difficulty is better suited for roadmaps and SR should move in the ‘endless’ direction. Endless NOT being lots and lots of levels which can spamming can get your through to a finish line. A proper endless with no last stage or fixed milestones

But I’m not against NSR as long as it’s properly balanced…1:3 with normal SR so everyone can have a go.


I don’t recall if you’re ftp? How far are you in it?

F2P here *Flashes F2P pass* I’m Silver 3 right now. Not canning this tourney to run into a brick wall lol


Lmao… I stopped at Silver 2. I want a secret ftp pass or badge too. :sunglasses:


For humans I’m finding tanky maim teams can auto through (at this stage anyway). I also saw you can game the system with reflect damage on a 1/2* but not tried that yet.

And there’s many types of badges. The most common identification used by F2P is a Gen1 team :rofl:

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Thanks for the suggestions.

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I think im on silver 2 or 3 wont get much farther. It’s ok though. Prizes aren’t great anyway


Made it to gold 3 and hit the wall


Congrats! You have a strong team… :slight_smile:

Pretty much me too.

Silver 2 here but will get to gold tomorrow prolly

Made it to Elite 2 and now it is just simply impossible

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What’s the stats on them at elite?

Was flying through bronze, then I hit silver… I wish my absolute defense worked like that lol… At silver 3 I think, no idea how far I’m gonna get.

It’s a nice change for people who need a challenge. It’s only a rare event with okay rewards if you can’t get far

I’m f2p but been playing forever. So far I’ve had 2 die on me, when autoing, but if I man play which I can I’m almost in gold now.

I started using an all green team and am up to silver 8.

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Elite 17

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My one wall is the stage with impair and AP down walkers and you have to use only tough characters.