Nightmare survival road ~ progress


please post where you are up too. and some details of the strength of the zombies or humans

be interesting to see where the highest is


I think it’d be more interesting to see where everyone who can get to elite/legendary on solo has got to in this tournament.

Half my faction don’t boast s9 across the board and are totally demoralised.

I’m not feeling very incentivised either. I’m still working through bronze and can’t play for huge chunks of the day what with little distractions like needing sleep and going to work, and I don’t want to waste money on however many cans i’ll Need if it’s only going to get progressively harder.

I don’t know who scopely have been listening to for feedback when designing this, but iT must be Some really anti-social people With no lives outside of this game and a lot of money to waste.

Don’t het me wrong - SR had been crying put for more of a challenge, but making bronze level impossible and alienating your player base is not the eay to go About this.


Legendary looks like this:



Always said Gerald was the most powerful toon in the game…


lol nice thank you


Survival road in the 5* era started as a challenge, a feature to test your roster and tactics, and without buffing the existing format they’ve created a new challenge. When 6*s came about, its turned into a chore, something that can be auto-ed

Scopley - for all their faults - are trying the please the original playerbase which, without buffing the usual SR, had alienated the newer player base.
Lower level players may struggle but you have to start somewhere, you can just start the game and do everything.

Huge parts of the original playerbase have been crying out for something to alleviate the boredom of Auto-ing the normal SR. They’ve given us that, yes it looks too long, and a bit of a cash grab, but the rewards are decent for everyone.


it’s actually not too bad, like u said since 6 stars it’s been too easy
if it was still 25 levels I would be happy
50 is overkill

I use to collect rushes for my whole roster back then, these days I dont need too


Done a few cans and reach gold just now, in work so cant fully commit to it, just more slower on team building before the fight …z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Well said man


Almost finished silver, yellow levels are hurting me badly. Then I use my crit / guardian team on humans and die hahaha


Then you add the nightmare hit on to the end of the normal bit for everyone else and either sell tokens to skip levels or let players pass straight to the level of their choice without getting points and rewards for the bits they skipped. You don’t introduce a faction event that a huge chunk of the player base can’t do because they can’t get past level 2 of bronze.


More proof Scopes is jelly of VK


Stage 41 silver




I finish it bronze. dont intend to play more


same here, not the difficulty but just boredom. cant do anymore


How dare you have a life/job/school/better things to do.
This is why we can’t have nice (event) things!! Lol


Was it huge parts of the player base? Or was it like 10 people on here? Cuz quite honestly I could do without it, especially at the start of the week. Not exactly jumping for joy at having spent all last night pushing into elite and now having to spend all night after work tonight attempting to finish.


jb thinks no one am can finish it
prove jb wrong


Plenty of people have said SR is either a) boring or b) too easy.
They’ve given us a challenge and its up to us whether we take it on or not.

Last week all we had a was a level up Mon - Wed, SR Thur/Fri, at least this is something else to do.

Its personal choice whether you want to spend money/time finishing every event

At nearly 4yrs old Scopely are damned if they do, damned if they dont becasue they just cant satisfy all of the player base.