Nightmare mode Too Easy

First off, if anyones having trouble beating it, you can auto through it with this team easily.

Second, nightmare mode was literally nothing but a bunch of extra waves and energy wasted. I wanted a CHALLENGE. I wanted some humans. I’d like to see humans on the RIGHT and LEFT side of my team. 10 humans versus my team. I want a challenge, something interesting. Make nightmare mode fun, and not just an extra tedious grind. Thanks.



It sucks pmsl

was easy even with a all 5* team + 1 4* (guardian jesus). the only nightmare part of it was that it’s time consuming with more stages and high energy cost. lol.

i dont mind though, the stage rewards were very good. so it’s better than nothing.


Why would anyone want a hard farming map? Farming is the worst.


I don’t understand what made it “nightmare mode”. I autoran it with my usual farming team, the walkers seem like regular walkers just longer waves.

Precisely. It just got took extra time, there was no challenge

I guess the fact that they wouldn’t allow the use of battle items and continues? I for sure didn’t need either of those myself!

@kalishane hard walker levels on survival road are harder than the “nightmare” roadmap. If scopely is going to call it “nightmare” mode then let’s make it nightmarish… lots of ways to do that:

  • Make the levels at least as difficult legendary walker levels from survival road (tougher walkers and stun or absolute defense)
  • No 6 stars
  • No camo
  • No Guardian or Guardian 2
  • No revive
  • Standard weapons only
  • Etc

I’d try this with a weaker team if there was an incentive to do so and normal weapons, wouldn’t want to cheese it with weak toons but amazing weapons, who am I kidding all my weapons suck anyway

I’d go for that if the rewards reflected the difficulty

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They should’ve banned 6* or limited team grade/traits/personas, disabled rushes/healing/reviving, apply a blanket -70% atk/def, had a mixture of humans/walkers per wave, etc. etc. A bunch of stuff off the top of my head. Although I guess this was a first run, maybe more “nightmarish” stuff can be applied in the future.

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I have no faith that if they did that,the rewards would not match the effort required to win the nightmare , I agree though, attack roster depth, if your roster ain’t well rounded you’re about to have a rouuuuugh Time

if the roadmap is easy theres a complain if its hard there is still a complain…lmfao


Nightmare mode is advertised as high risk high reward, many of us were excited to actually have a challenge… but its booooring lol

Wow really man

How to make a nightmare mode:

-Remove our specialist skills
-Zombies with multiple specialist skills 2 or more as a minimum (AD + Tenacy + Reflection) = Semi God Zombie (the gods do not die)
-NEW SKILL SPECIALIST ONLY FROM ZOMBIES (INFECTION: when attacked by an enemy there is a proability to infect him and after 2 turns he is transformed into a zombie)

  • Release kenny 6 *

relax. its the first nightmare map they released. reminds me of when they first released daily sr and peeps was like omg this is too easy, then when they hit legendary all of a sudden the same mfs grabbing their tummies cause daily sr took their lunch money. :joy::smirk:


More like wet dream mode

It will be nightmare mode if you get those humans from the Bruce
Or if it was like beta the tankiest 6* wyatt acomoied by an dream with high atk and defense taking out your reds
With no continues or battle items
Walkers are. Never nightmare cuz crit really

You guys did the same thing complaining about how easy survival road was and now walkers are stunning full teams and reflect damage on the first road is killing 6 stars … shut up and play the damn game flagged post