Nightmare mode hard now

For all those who thought the last one was to easy I hope your happy now


Its hard but satisfying lol
Bring greens with stun swords and def down rushes if its too hard


Personally I found the one Romanov roadmap with all characters with all absolute defence or stun or whatever weapons harder than this. This my team can beat on turn 2-4 depending on weapons.

Lol bring stun swords, couldn’t craft one if I tried, and I have 100-125 all fails


You don’t really need stun weapons to beat this, especially with 6 stars (depending on the ones you have).

The difficulty really amps up when Alpha is no longer a pre-selected ally. Using defense leaders like Gator and Carl along with a Vincent/Santa Negan lead weren’t much help. Really makes you upset how the RNG is against you. I definitely am.

Other than that, I was breezing through the last few stages with little to no help from vials. In comparison to the last nightmare stage, you were just fighting against walkers, which are (to an extent) easier to beat. But the rewards remain to be a little far on the meh side. Throw in some coins, a few Elite Character Tokens in a stage, and a HUGE 5⭐ Character Token reward for those who complete it. That’s my two cents anyway.


i auto battled yvette and aris alone with revive/heal team, set my tablet down, changed the oil in my car and put the roof back on my dog house, they were still battling strong…coulda left it all day probably…


Sounds about right :joy::joy::joy::joy:, I just abandoned it, way too much time.

complaining on the last nightmare mode that it was easy and now complaining again that it was hard.:rofl:

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boring to many back to back to back to back identical teams

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Completely agree.

My stun stopped working half way through phase 1 on stage 6, obviously reading on here it shouldnt have especially when i have Joshua too…anyone else had the same problem??? One of my guys had the same issue too on the same stage

Low levels cant finish this.Not even try to

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It doesn’t matter how hard or boring it is. The rewards are not worth the world energy and grind time.

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add Special weapons so everybody can join the misery

LOL, I set it to auto and took a 20 minute (ish) shower. They were still going at it when I finished!!


I find it more time consuming than anything else.

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Me to. Takes me about 15 min to finish a level

Really? None of the toons are dangerous. Just Tanky healers/revives. It was time consuming, not difficult.

Tell this to Aris or Romanov