Nightmare mode - a missed opportunity

to start: everything is wrong with nightmare mode. It’s totally not what we expected and what scopely hyped. Nightmare mode, a mode you can’t even select, and you dont even see.

First of:
Nightmare mode is not hard at all, it’s the same stuff without items. Who needs items anyways? I didn’t use them since 1989. Nightmare mode should be there to be hard and give a challenge to players who have been at it for the past 3 years.

Making the maps f-ing long doesnt make them hard, just annoying. If you can pass 6 maps, im sure you’ll be able to pass 600 maps too. The length just bores us.

Mode should be something ascesable in a second screen, maybe after beating the initial map. Benefit: more maps, more replay value, and it doesnt hurt weaker players as its an option, not an obligation. Now weaker players can maybe not get to the necklace rewards.

Everyone and their mothers have been complaining here that the game lacks new world maps. I dont know if it is intended to really release more of them, but as for now i think it was intended. Why not make the wait a little bit easier for us with a simple yet good addition: nightmare mode! Yes, the nightmare mode we can see in 999/1000 other games and has proven to work well, you take your existing levels, so all the darn stages 1-23, and you make then harder to beat in a nightmare mode. Put some rewards on them again, everyone is happy. You unlock nightmare mode the same way as unlocking the auto finish with the tokens: beat all stages with 3 stars.

It’s not so hard scopely, to make the game better. Listen to players feedback and spy on what works well in other games. Ofcourse releasing totally new world maps is better, but until then, people at least got something to do if you add a real nightmare mode. Its easier than releasing roadmaps, you dont have to write a story for them…


Good feedback man. I’m with you all the way. This is so weird that nightmare mode isn’t a thing you activate when you beat the level perfectly. This is the way every game do this thing and it works pretty well. Your idea for the world map is great and I’d love to see that very soon (which we won’t for a year I guess xD)

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Just to add something to nightmare mode: 0% chance to get 1* and 2* weapons and 1* chars

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Just out of curiosity, have you tried it when they launched the Nightmare mode on Beta?

No, I am not a beta player. I never thought about doing it honestly

Well, I figured as much. The nightmare mode was more challenging than this.

As I said in another post, they did it more to introduce what it was, seeing many were asking about it. They had to make it accessible so that new players or players starting on a new region could finish it and collect the necklaces.

It wouldn’t be fair to those players to make an uber difficult map that only top players could complete. It would cause another outburst, and Scopely is in damage control at this point. So starting another riot wouldn’t be on Scopely’s best interest.

When this event ends we may see the true nightmare roadmaps.


Nailed it, Scopely needs to give you some free coins for doing the hard thinking for them.

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Ok, but still, can you agree on my other complaints? The maps are too long, makes them boring, the form itself is ridiculous and they should add a alround hardcore mode to all existing maps. It being to easy was just a small portion of my complaint.

Knowing scopely they don’t want to really change it tho. It takes time that they prefer to spend in new features that will give them a lot of money.

I was hoping Nightmare mode would offer augments for PvE levels. I thought it would be a new option given to all PvE content that players would be able to toggle on or off. Making specific aspects of the levels harder to provide rewards based on w/e extra challenges were added.

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