Night vision goggles


I’m sure I’m not the only one running into the issue of having no night vision goggles. For the past month now since my supply has run out from farmable maps I’ve been forced to do the god awful task of running the daily map. Currently I need 17 night vision goggles to be able to tier up 6*s. Not once in this time have I seen any in the multiple depot we have. The gear depot was supposed to fix the gear shortage was it not?


Goodluck man. I needed 33 Longcoats for 6* and 5* ascendable sandy. Took forever :fearful: having to do the god awful daily gear map, and sell loads of shit to buy from the depot. Well and truly sucked ass man.


0 night vision goggles right now, its impossible to ascend rick or gov, i need 12 more


So do we think this is done on purpose or not? Seems to me someone at Scopely hq felt the need to fix something that wasn’t broken.


I don’t know how many times we have to ask for the farmabale ultra gear map back… yet one thread is made on parts map and they get within the span of one week.


Yep. And with the constant freaking level ups as well. Frustrating af. Again why fix something that ain’t broke… oh I know, so the stupid gear depot will get used…


It was broke the problem is the replacement isn’t better. The old block was bags and walkies and its biggest problem was that it would randomly appear. Now we know exactly when the new map runs, it uses less energy, and we are no longer blocked by bags and walkies just everything else.

The only disadvantage of the new map is it’s not farmable. Make it farmable and its clearly 1000000000x times better than the old one. They must have thought people would pay for gear. No idea if its working. The only thing for sure is they don’t care.

I honestly do not see why they don’t make it farmable. It will lead to people buying cans and that’s profit.


My issue is more related to Waist toolpacks and Longcoats, the right I have massive amounts of them :frowning:


I was down to zero googles at one point but i’m slowly building them back up.

Got 37 now, but do have the new Rick to level & ascend when the time comes. Plus I never ascended Wyatt but I would be temped if I had enough 5* fodder.

I guess it depends how quickly / how many toons you are levelling / ascending.

I had moaned about the gear maps but, for me its not affecting me as much as I feared.
Its those players in top factions with lots of ascendable toons that its affecting.


Personally, I am lowest on NV Goggles, although not quite close enough to be fretting yet.

Whilst it is probably not intentional, three (Dwight, Wyatt and Rick) out of the last five “free” 6 stars (others being Maggie and Vincent) have been hunters. Given that Tyreese and Shiva are absolute beasts, in the latter’s case literally, and very widely owned is it any wonder there is an overall shortage of hunter equipment?

On balance, I’m not sure Hunters are any more widely represented than other widely available six stars, just that they have probably been more desirable.


They should at least throw a weekend farmable map for the gears, the way this is being brought to us is a simple lockdown of gears,

the problem with the farmable ultra rare gear roadmaps was the inconsistent tmies it was released. Had this been a Weekly Thursday event we would have rejoiced but we were seeing fortnightly or monthly ultra rare gear maps which at that time wasnt helping the current new meta era we were all adjusting to.

now we have a weekly roadmap that will only give us 4 items out of 6 needed to upgrade 1 tier

This is unfortunately how the game is progressing now, it has become the norm, we would see events that would offer 5* character rewards which has 99% completely vanished now and was replaced with 10k tokens which are dropped more and more as time goes by

this is the same for everything in the game currently, same events, just less payout.

Something has to give because in this current downaward spiral we will be going for faction raids for
1,000 x 5* Tokens
1 x 4* Gear bags
50 x Gold Ascend Tokens
4200 milestone giving burts

sounds a little far fetched but if you read another thread showing the decline in event rewards you can only see it going donwards even further


Below my comfort level as I only have 17, but used a bunch the last 2 level ups.

I have received a few from the bags we get from the gear maps, a level up reward and another source (?). I have seen several pair in the SD, once on an extreme sale.


I don’t think that people paying for gear was the goal (though some probably do, and get a small edge). My guess is the goal is everybody getting roughly the same amount of er/ur gear, and creating a shortage which makes gear more valuable (and useful as low-level rewards) and slows down the progress, so that you can improve your roster over a long time. I’m not sure this is the right way to do it, but if gear was plentiful people would level/upgrade all their stuff immediately and then complain that they don’t progress anymore and that there is no reason to play unless you pull the new premiere toons etc.


They were running those gear promos pretty hard when they first took away the farmable road map. So money was obviously the end goal. It didn’t work so that’s why we are not seeing them as much. Right now it’s all about two things. Trainer deals to coincide with the endless level ups and $25 duck tape deals because they know most of the OG players have run out. These are the two things that pop up over and over now so they must be having success with them.

Everything in this game leads to some kind of shortage. It’s a grinding nightmare.


The best solution would be to unmake the problem that they created… I mean they created a whole new depot for gear because they put a stranglehold on gear. Give us the trilevel map that was farmable every week we would be much better off…

In the level up coming today in the red bags are schoolbag/walkies they dont even care enough to switch these out for other gear… I have like 40 of each but 7 NVG, 19 belt with holster.


I have 2 night vision goggles. 0 police shields and less than 6 of all other ultra rare gear and run the daily map everyday its up. 0 chance of upgrading a toon or competing in any level ups anytime soon


So true. Not only is it up to chance for the one you need to be there then you can only buy one per day when you need 6 per tier. What a giant crock. Scopely sure loves their rng, don’t they?

Then make every other toon a hunter so you can really screw people over. It’s a joke and we are the fools for continuing to take it.


Well yeah it’s a resource management game, so shortages are a fundamental part of the whole thing.

I’m not so sure about the money thing; obviously Scopely always wants money from us, but having deals immediately after limiting the flow would seem counterproductive because people still have lots of gear from when it flowed more freely. I’d like to believe Scopely have a good enough sense at making money to be aware of that. Nevertheless, that doesn’t counter the main point; freemium games work by having money remove barriers, but most people don’t spend (or at least not a lot). And for those who do spend a lot, the calculation is different (they probably also pull promos, so they need more gear, and longer progression through the game is maintained like it is for F2P/low spenders)


Well, this is the first time I am playing an f2p phone game so I am not familiar with the model so call me naive. I do know that as a long time gamer this model of play, to put it bluntly, sucks.

No problem with any company trying to make a profit. They need to figure out a better way to do it. The $100 a pop for an incredibly small chance at the premier toon should be enough. I don’t see why they need to nickel and dime us for gear that is necessary to compete in game modes like the endless level ups.


I usually don’t play freemium games for exactly this reason, but I like this one for some resaon. And as I said, it’s less nickel-and-diming, and more spacing out the playtime over a longer time.

If you already had everything you need, the resource management part of the game would disappear, and there would be little to no progression. As an old gamer, you probably know Sid Meier’s old quote “A game is a series of interesting decisions”. The shortages make decisions which toons to upgrade at least a little interesting.

Also, I’m not sure how removing the shortages would make competing easier - everyone gets the same amount of gear (unless they pay), so if you increase the availability of UR gear, you increase the competition and would end up at roughly the same spot until blocked by another resource that would then become the focus of complaints (probably shirts, gloves, survivors or food).