Nice Weekend War Rewards!

Not bad actually. Also War is currently LIVE if you have not logged in yet.

Benedicts, AR Trainers, Gear and Necklaces to get more gear! I am happy about this. I get to save some Aquamarine Necklaces as they give out some decent gear near the end milestones! Thank you.


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Yeah and barely enough time to get them, especially if your European, good rewards but tainted with scopelys greed.


I am listening to Lockdowns stream for the war currently and he is saying the same thing. Time wise is a bit hard for European players to make Milestones.

What would be a better start for people in your timezone @Locky? 6 Hour earlier start? 8 Hour?

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Nice milestones, the main rewards are absolutely woeful.


I mean, it was like this last war. CRW, I think. But yeah, these rewards are awesome. Just gotta go hard for them.

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Should be one more milestone to get the 1500 necklaces we get in raid tournies.

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Its actually a good enough start time, its the finish time that’s the problem and of course the duration. Finishing at 6 in the morning screws Europeans, it’s actually a big kick in the teeth, here are good rewards, best of luck trying to get them.


What? You are listening to someone war. LOL.

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Yep, watching a streamer play this game.

True but not very good in dead regions game needs something for everyone and to get them pumped to want to play.

Didn’t he retire?

Oh I was thinking about jab

I sense hostility. o.O

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Got 2 benes’

Add to the other endless amount of trainers i have because nothing is worth ascending that isnt P2P

Hopefully the next F2P they release after Lucas will fit into your roster. You looking for range or melee? Or anything in particular?

Anything with decent damage… have lots of toons but nothing looks fun to ascend

Maybe a damage dealer is next. Lucas is considered support and before him if I remember correctly was Rick Rise to Power. So maybe a tank/medic or a damage dealer could be next for F2P.

I hear that. Got stacks of trainers clogging up my roster because they don’t stack and refuse to use them on crappy 6-stars. Waiting on Lori to see if she’s gonna be worth spending the medals on. It’s probably gonna be a while but I’m hopeful that Andrea and Kenny will be worth it. They really do seem to save the best for the $ toons which stinks but it makes sense from a business standpoint. The Governor, Zeke, and Dwight are the exceptions. I guess that explains why it took them forever to release the gov.

The game has gotten so stale. There is no reason to play other than habit at this point.

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Yeah @Trollypolly @IronandWine.

Hoping Lori is good, will pick up Lucas once i see how lori looks and might be able to make a fun red team. Have at least 60 of each special trainer cause nothings worth upgrading now…
Have lots on the new list, but they said it’d take about the same time to release those as this list took… so 8 months or so… so stale especially with pointless rewards, theres nothing to look forward to

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Waring to 100k only takes 6 hours. Probably one of the better milestones if I have ever seen some :=)

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