Nice weekend event

I will say even though I wont get the end milestones #'s as I can only really hit the first 2 in the solo level up (Faction events we take more seriously) but get everything in the Raid tournament I found it to be very fun and kept me occupied over the weekend. They both went well together and I really hope we get a lot more double time events such as this as something to happen more often or just on weekends.

I ended up getting my 10k 5* token pull with now being halfway to the next, a Bendurdick Callherback (Benedict meme) and over 1 mil food from just rewards alone.

Thank you and I look forward to the new events.


Lol. Not everyone was so excited about the crappy rewards. We gave our top 2 faction the weekend off, told them to save cans for an event with real prizes


You gave your top 2 factions the weekend off? I didn’t know factions had parents! Make sure you pack their lunches too for when they get back.


Gg ares this event was a complete waste of time

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I’m glad you enjoyed it because i’ve been bored to death all weekend. Only highlight was getting double attack on my shotgun since I was shafted from getting Dwight’s gun lol

I’ve been downloading other games for coins lol a couple of them are better then this game and they may have me hooked haha


Lol good one buddy

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LOL…Im all for positive threads…but you’re acting like a Raid event is something new. The game is extremely boring.Nothing about this was fun, battling carl and mirabelle teams over and over and over and over again…it freakin sucks. :cry::cry::cry:


Ty for having a sense of humor. :slight_smile:

Just a raid event? No, read it again. I am talking about having 2 events going on at the same time. No I am not going to score high on the solo event but the combine rewards is really nice just for the sake of playing. If this is something that scopely would do more often I wouldn’t mind being able to work for a Benedict every weekend if we were able to get something close to that.

Also I am not sure where you got in my post that I made this raid event seem like it was new. The game is tedious I agree but that is my fault for playing it as much as a streamer plays their games. I see your point raiding the same toons but I am sure Scope is going to make 50+ toons and have them ready to roll when they want them to. After that they sit back on their completed product. Rinse and Repeat.

This weekends events were tedious and boring and had pathetic prizes


Gee maybe leave your drop teams up. Seems like most of Jefferson did just that. It’s kind of nostalgic battling older teams we haven’t seen in a bit.

Garbage weekend. Little player engagement for any above top 5 groups.

This weekend was a letdown for me. I just finished one of my finals, got back to my apartment. I was ready to get into it, but it snowed in Georgia. Rather than waiting in traffic for like 4 hours, I decided to stay in my apartment until the next day before I head home. Once I did reach home, I booted up my Xbox to play some Fortnite, but their servers were having issues for a while with inviting other players. Sunday comes around, and I find that the limited duration 50v50 mode was put on hold because the fix for the issue wasn’t working correctly, so I had to play solo only. My weekend could have been better :frowning:

The raid tournament sucks the weekend. Having to waste an attack on a character with 0 energy that is still standing and able to attack and defend.