Nice weapon parts and Erikas roadmap

Thanks Scope! Was feeling the roadmap was a bit dry as of late.



I was really low on Burt’s, thank God Scopely came through in the clutch and dropped this nice surprise on me


Weapon parts were nice and our faction goes all out on faction level ups so i’ll take it all even if its a few burts. Have not finished all of it but got a weapon token and usually a elite token pull. Not all bad.

I’ve gotten to stage 4, best was weapon token from stage 3

if anyone finishes erika missions and see’s anything actually good post it please.

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Burt is only good, and the story.

You can do both parts. Doing the second one now. The first one elite weapon token and when you do the last one the total is gear tokens and a burt are the best from it imo.

Second part has a Elite Character pull so def worth getting to that point.

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was hoping they would sneak in an elite character token or like 100 prestige tokens but i guess not

Can’t wait to get another 3* Axel; so overpowered.


Finally I can make a new Hat for my Cat!! Duct Tape - 1M uses. Thank you!

Image result for duct tape

PS - this roadmap is farmable!
PPS - my cat ran when I pulled out the PK


The second part has a Elite Character Token.

Thank you for something fresh to run through!

This would have been a great chance to offer a 4* version of Erika as a completion reward, but other than that I’d love to see more roadmaps like this

Is your mother single ? :heart_eyes:

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WHat ??? U farmed a DT. I thought it was just a rumor those were farmable…

(I mean I know it’s listed I can farm it, but I thought the chances we 0.0000000000000000000000000000001 or something)

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@mountkay - No but did farm a PK. It’s 2x the odds you mentioned :slight_smile:

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They do exist.

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Seems more rare than a schoolbag drop, my faction stopped farming this a few months ago when we tallied up our drop rates. IDK what the actual rate is but for us it seemed way way lower than Schoolbags.

That was actually my 1st ever duct tape drop & I have farmed every weapon parts map there has been.


It’s always been farmable. Rate is pretty poor, but if u don’t need fills for gear might as well


Burning cans for common silencers that can be crafted, now that’s what I call engaging end game content!