Nice troll scopely bruh

Let me start this by saying for all the geniuses on the forums, yes i know its a premuim muesum collection. Im not crying, not asking for free shit, just congrats to scopes for the troll

We are givin 10 spark plugs for free to do the prem roadmap, the 1st two acts take 12, so we are 2 short. The 3rd act, 1st and 2nd stage takes 5 and in total we get 400 springs, 200 short from the rng :face_vomiting: gear box

Just wanted to say well played and nice troll @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Take it to the team, we need to be trolled more @Kodak_black @Wanderer :roll_eyes:


What the hell does this have to do with wanderer

Sorry for the inconveniences but yes this is a premium event thank you for bearing with us I hope you have a wonderful day.


He is the whale CM now

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Probably some idiots bought lots of walker head tokens and Scopely thought “yeah, maybe we should sell our stuffs for more expensive prices” “we’ve given stuffs for a very cheap price recently. It’s time to increase our undervalued prices”


“Im not crying, not asking for free shit, just congrats to scopes for the troll” guess you didnt read that part before you posted your meme


Ever get a promo for a couple free tokens or spins at a casino?

It’s great at priming the pump

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Maybe because if complete the first two acts… you can get Cole with the first and second stage of act three.

I don’t get your complaint.

It cost money to get a fairly recent premier. What’s the difference between this and a premier wheel with Cole in it?

You either do it, or you don’t.
You pay or you don’t.

From the looks of it, it won’t come cheap.



Cheaper than most actually… cole can be had for 85 dollars I believe.

Haven’t seen all the pack deals. I imagine they climb in price with each purchase.

Yes that’s right. Likely another price gouging event where you pay more for less with each subsequent purchase.

It’s like saying…
Hey I’ll sell you a shoe for 50% off. You buy the shoe. Now I tell you I’ll sell you a matching shoe for the other foot for the 90% price of a pair. But I repeat that process 10 times.


Or a pair of nice dinners and a bottle of wine

After the starter pack, it goes to 9.99 for 15… and there are ten in stock.

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Ha, listen… I didn’t say it was cheap. Said it was cheaper lol.

Well Cole must really suck then! Lol.

Cant blame me for being skeptical.

Makes you wonder why violet costs more haha… it’s unfortunate he NEVER uses his active skill on defense. Broken.

Nah he used it once on me. Just shitty coding.

Rng on a turn 1 active. Genius.

Then take it to the team

He isn’t talking about the premier at all. He is saying a free to play won’t even get free pull of gear. Which is kinda shit