Nice towers scopley

They are truly great keep it up ! A couple more wars like this and people will be quitting in hoards


How many times has it been said that “there will be hordes of people quitting” and then nothing changes?


Doesn’t mean people aren’t quitting.


Lol the good ole “we will quit!”

Ok… And? Scopes has made their money off this gambling app, theyve almost milked it dry.

If everyone really did quit lets say come monday, they shut the servers off and move on. This will allow them to focus on star trek and looney toons esp seems to be the future money maker for them.

Lets say OP and a few people in his region quit… Oh ok :ok_hand: more will join, the whales are still spending, etc this changes nothing. In fact, its good, people will move regions and they can do what i think they want to do is close some regions. This will allow for more control.

All in all, no matter what, scopely has won and they win every war, every leagues refresh, every promo drop, etc

Sorry OP but scopely is eating pancakes and laughing at this saying “oh look another light spender or f2p is quitting, bahahahaha!”


So out all the fuk ups lately and op toons released you mean to tell me that people will quit over towers…lmao



True lol I quit couldn’t be happier.

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I tend to agree with this. They got a ton of my $$$. Was p13 before 6* became a thing and played up until aive was released so in truth I don’t even want to know how much money I spent. It would probabaly make me sick. But lesson learned for the future.

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Don’t they always match the towers with recent promos etc. this seems like nothing new.

If only towers didn’t rely only on rocket Abe… Just raise def/HP of zombies inside and maybe it will be more fun to play

There’s faster techniques.

it should win the team that got the tower. The opponent who lost the match of the tower has no chance of winning.

Boring war. With so many blue and green shields around and promo leaders buffing defence and health. Activity it down in my region except the top 2. Looks like lots of people have given up on this war already.


I don’t see any faster technique beside blue Governor and Abe

I’ll have to do

What’s with these people who come in here to have a pop at the OP when he is voicing a opinion and a popular one at that.
If you think these towers are good or these stupid moves won’t push players away…simply say so…

Scopley has driven this game into ground.
They haven’t learned a god damn thing from previous metas…infact making this current situation worse than anything we have had before.


I like to use war michonne, she does damage to 4 and charges ar in her ar she pops every round and 2 of her is killing groups and groups of walkers pretty fast

The red one ?
I have 3 minigun Viktor in my tower team and they are pretty fast too but they can’t go faster than a group hitter

Im not having a pop at OP, im telling them exactly how it is. You say scopely hasnt learned anything, you are wrong, they have and continue to learn a lot, it is YOU, me, we the players who have learned nothing. You/me/us, we are a product, that is all and we have yet to learn we are bought, sold, traded, exploited, used, lied to, etc etc etc

The red one yea, i like multi hit more than group hit cause sometimes the zombies are spread out and that makes the group hit useless