Nice topic badge not working (solved)


It appears that the Nice Topic badge is somehow bugged for me.

I do believe I should have gained it multiple times now. I think I should have also gained the Silver level version of this badge (Good Topic).



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Isn’t it based on the number of likes you get on the Opening post? Have you got any where you got the 10?

Your top 6 topics all have well over 10 likes, but not all on your opening post

Edit: I gave this a like, so if someone adds a tenth, we’ll see if we can get you the badge
[Premiere Recruits & 5☆ Recruit Token Wheel Refresh] #PlayersUnited

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I added a 10th.

Now I’m not sure if my Great Reply is working neither. So if we could like this 50 times just to check…

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What do you need that for, you’re in the only club that matters - the Admired club


Oh yes, I’m just far too humble to publically say it :grin:

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I find it hard to be humble when I am subject to such admiration

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I mean in the cold light of day here we are, us two admireds, totally crashing Mountkay’s thread who just wants a Nice Topic. I guess there’s no innocent party here

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Hey thanks thanks. I guess I was looking at it wrong. I saw a bunch of topics in my profile listed with well over 10 likes.

I didn’t realize it was some sort of total of the thread. I thought it was likes for the first post.

I guess I should have checked first.

Thanks for boosting it over 10. I have not recived the badge though.

I can see you have the NT badge

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Oh yeah ok. Thanks haha. I didn’t get a notification and I guess I missed it whenever I was checking manually

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Should qualify for empathetic as well?

Unless maybe it’s 500 individual posts liked. Not 500 total.

That’s probably the case. Although I don’t see stats for that

It’s 500 individual liked posts, not 500 likes.

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I appreciate you guys sorting me out so quickly. I would share the love but I’m all out for the moment with the #playersunited movement

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All of my badges disappeared a month or so ago. Poof, just gone.