Nice territory event.. make thos regular

i like this territory event, giving some people chances to earn s class toons. im now closer to a second pete, thanks!

it also gives us a rare opportunity to flex more of our roster since we need to put up 3 separate good defenses, use a separate good raid team, and perhaps have some other teams om the side to refresh exhausted teams with. it actually incentivizes people to collect more toons since they can use more of them.

pls keep this up. make these territory events regular, and maybe make the rewards sweeter? :slight_smile:


@Numba1stunna I’m glad they are beneficial for your region, unfortunately it’s destroying ours. Only the 2 top factions are able to get any rewards, they will not allow any others in and the out power all other factions by so much that it’s not a fair playing field.


Why are you still playing? Lmao.


Not really that good just makes the divide even greater from the haves and the have nots.
Even with no spending factions that are already over powered just get even more stuff to control and kill the regions they are in.


This is why it’s been abandoned\ignored for so long. It’s also why it comes off as a cover up for current events. How do you subdue a whale, well you feed it.

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easy fix, have a long memory, when an event like toc rolls around again, keep queuing when they ask you to stop and try and talk about doing what’s best for the region ask them where that concern was when the specials dropped lol


I like territories but they never seem to take the full step to making them accessible for all. They need to open all 10 locked territories. That would go a little bit to giving more opportunities for lower factions to get even a chance at one. Potentially there should be a capture prize too, instead of after the first hour.

Ultimately they can’t just rely on this method to ‘fairly’ distribute collectables. Because currently it just feeds the top faction or 2 more items


Ummm. How about updating the rewards in the territories again so they are ummm you know that word. What is it? Ummmm. Relevant to the current meta.


My region got 4 big teams transfer after war of chumps they do not share the gap grows wider I’d say its why its being done that way killing of the game. The have and have not.
Try to turn players against each other to make them spend or leave.


I agree. They’re fantastic. Only ones complaining are baby factions who don’t seem to realise the reason Top factions are holding and hogging them is because we earned the rewards.

Top for a reason yo

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That’s a vicious circle

And then they complain because no one wars in the region.

You spelt paid for them wrong mate u can go edit your post if you want.


Meh if people want nice things they should work harder for them. If a faction bands together it’s totally possible for them do well.

We can’t help it if they don’t want to. Are we meant to just slack so people can get the best rewards? Because I ain’t letting it happen

Other than a few survivors club members not a single member of my faction pays. We’re just active and work together to get what we want

Sure I believe ya wink wink


Not if the faction has S-Class toons that you plant in. If theoretically you take the view ‘baby factions’ can beat S-Class teams, you certainly can’t disagree they can only do it slowly. In my experience that’s more than enough time for said top faction to coin it’s defences.

I wish it was fair competition. But it’s monopoly.


I think you missed what we were talking about there, the topic took a turn because @ThatOberlinFeel said they deserved the rewards

Fixed it for you.
Here’s the problem you can’t compete no matter how much you grind if the odds are stacked against the majority. This is why the VP saying what he said is so important.
When they offer “free” events that are made to not be completed you can’t catch up. When they rig events to skew the results can’t get ahead.

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Imagine a Faction Raid event where these is the reward structure:

1st Place - 840 Ice Cream/Keys, 840 Cake
2nd Place - 420 Ice Cream/Keys, 420 Cake
3rd Place - 110 Ice Cream/Keys, 110 Cake
4th Place - 6 Gear
5th Place - 1 Gear
Every Other Place - Nothing at all

That’s basically this event