Nice raid rewards

Amazing how you guys were able to change the glenn crate error in the raid last week but this week when you guys make a mistake in the rewards that harms the players, it isn’t changed. First place has been getting three mods, not two. Classic scopely @JB.Scopely


Dem milestones tho


Milestones rewards like a pile of shit


Glenn box was photoshopped tho…

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So sad…all i can say is meh.

Thank you scopely for the rewards for raids, awesome job :blush:

You guys need to stop.
These are the best prizes we’ve had in awhile.
Don’t ruin it.

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looks like a have a weekend off
what a joke this rewards

Im only doing it for my faction…

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone push this event, I always hit top milestones normally for either mod or even scraps. However I barley did 500k in level up which I always hit 2mil and I could barely bring myself to raid for the crap.
Also why stop using food bags? Why the instant food? Too many were being smart and saving for good tournaments so you decided to take that away lol I can’t even think of a good reason why. Give the choice do we wanna use now or save for later. I personally like saving for when I need to do quick leveling.

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