Nice job scopely

Great job on removing only way get 6 star gear from a event. well done. Anything else? Aslo making level up even more ponitless now.

What are you talking about Willis

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level up coming after raid DUH

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What are the prizes for the faction

Got pics of the event for faction level up anyone?

Edit: nvm lol just saw above

10 a.m PST no idea for other timezones sorry.

Not this time.

Why 2 mill for a aden like who does that?

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a bene, lilith, and an aiden…yes please

we asked for legendary tokens, we got em.

we asked for trainers, we got em.

we asked for better faction prizes, we got em…

for fuck’s sake. Pick your battles.

These are some of the best faction event prizes we have seen in a while.
and the milestones are a bit different, so what. its not like we wont use those trainers.


this aint better half 5 pull and 5 star gear… where does 5 star gear help you pass tier 2 6s?

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New players i tell ya

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we been asking for 6 gear no where we said we wanted 5 star gear still.

we also asked for tokens not be a main rewards

I agree with @Smash. Those are the most tremendous event prizes you have ever seen by the way.

old gear half a pull and handful of tokens :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


day 3 player, but whatever.

6* gear has been slow coming.

Trainers and legendary tokens have been non-existent.

Last faction level up was less 5* tokens and shit gear. This is an improvement.

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I like the rewards

Yes, Keep liking elite gear bags and half of something more will come.! :pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes:

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