Nice balance wars

and bitsh so pround of 5 S3 in team



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I think she’s saying that this war is awesome and she’s proud she has an S5 team to survive with.

English isn’t everyone’s first language ya know… :slight_smile:


Ok thanks for translating :slight_smile:

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She said 5 S3 though…

Did Sid just use his active ability on me? Because I’m confused X/

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I think she is proud of 5 toons in S3 team, seems like it.

or 5 x S3 teams to use!

5 S3 teams in their faction is how I understand.

Indeed a good puzzle, how long do we have to find solution, 24hrs or less?

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Google Translator?

dang, i didnt wxpect you guys to understand it. hahaha. well, My team mates are only have s2 one person and matched against s+++ 4 ppl. what s balance tell me ?
And then a bitch she is so proud of her ppl and msg in chat. ??

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There is 33 factions currently in the war on a region that has been full forever. Normally I see 60 factions in wars. Not a single faction is full including the top faction. Dougherty server.

My faction is stuck at rank 30 because we seem to only face rank 10 or better which have basically prefect teams.

If is the first time we have lost 6 battles and never gotten close to a win. Highest single player score was 1500 out of 6 wars.

That is my take on posters 3 words. War matching since improvements has made it so we always face factions way above our level. 3-4 times the difficulty.