Next week's league stretch

I’m not sure if it was announced, but; What do you think or what is known about the league stage next week?
for those of us who have not yet reached diamond 3; Will it be next promotion week or will it be a neutral week?

Season 11 will be a 10-week season. There will be no Solo Qualifiers, as all players who finished Season 10 in Gold and above will immediately start the Season in Division 1 of Gold. There will continue to be a Home Stretch during the final week of the season. What this means is that there will be 9 weeks where promotion will be possible, and 8 total promotions possible.

The coming Monday is the last opportunity for promotion this season.

Oh! I see thanks, mate, I don’t know who is in charge of closing the threads, but you can close this one.

Yeah you need to get promoted now, last chance

I think I remember seeing somewhere that after this stretch, we start back at gold

Yeah mate, I am pretty sure that is the case.


they could have put the blitz war during this weekend for extra league points… it could have been an interesting final rush


I think from a business perspective it might be far preferable to force people into competing in arenas/sr/raids for promotion. I know a lot of people have been leaning on war to promote this season

you are absolutely right…
and now I understand why blitz war starts on Monday when the league stretch is ended :pensive:

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I got promoted on a week with no war or no raid and it was quite annoying the amount of raid cAns needed to stay in diamond 3. So really they are just making cash off raid cans why that is why they didn’t include a war or a raid event. Well this week they have faction raid.

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Hmmm. Raid cans might well be selling like hotcakes. Considering how many it takes to dent a league standing.

Question for you, if you’re in diamond 3 why did you need to burn cans to stay in diamond 3? There aren’t any demotions in this season and diamond 3 is the highest division


I’m hoping for one last promotion to diamond II. I’ve done ok so far this week but since I only managed one champions arena ticket I’m not sure if I’ll get it.

Arenas weren’t particularly fun before but they’re horrendous now and such a large proportion of your league standing depends on them.

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All i want to know is :

Actually i am d1

If i am diamond 2 the week coming and reach top 30

Is it considered as promotion d3

Do i earn life steal paragon mod if i am in top 30 in d2

no this is the last week to promote. After this stretch is done it is the final stretch where there is no movement

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As I understand with what I read of the new leagues, there are 10 weeks of event, of which in 8 weeks in a row you could qualify for diamond 3, leaving you 2 weeks stand by until the event ends, in my case this week ends and tomorrow I will start in D2, I am supposed to have the whole week to reach D3 (taking into account that there are still 8 days left to finish leagues) is not it or am I wrong? At least that’s what I understood from what I read about the new leagues.
Additional once the next week ends, we are supposed to start all in gold1 again, will it happen or do something with all those who stayed in gold 1 all this league?

Home stretch never had promotions/demotions.


Hump ​​… Another thing I wonder is what happened to the faction leagues, will they stay in that format, or will we finally start with the individual promotion format? :thinking:

We are in stretch 10 at the moment. This is the last stretch we can move up the league bonus. In an 11 week season, where week 11 is the home stretch (no one can go up), you can only miss one promotion if your goal is D3.

W1 = G1
W2 = G2
W3 = G3
W4 = P1
W5 = P2
W6 = P3
W7 = D1
W8 = D2
W9 = D3
W10 = D3
W11 homestretch no promos

As you can see from above if you had a perfect season where you only ever moved up or stay even - this stretch that ends in 23 hours and change is the last chance to move up a division / tier


Damn, so I’m in trouble, the most I can get to is D2 until tomorrow, what a disappointment :cry:

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