Next week's events look pretty sparse

Only 1 real event the Sr during the whole week. Hoping there will be more added

Yeah I agree, the whisper event is a bit of a flop, and the shattered spring is starting to wind down, maybe its time we got a Mods upgrade event, or dear I say … bring back the Horde???

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Pretty sure mod event is coming today

Give us a fa event

That’s an unmod event

Naw they seem to suddenly love spamming level ups back to back for months. Another Faction Level up and we just had one last week.

Maybe they are going to try & get the new update out next week & are waiting to see how that goes before adding more to the schedule


That would require actual planning by Scopley


Oh man that was hilarious :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:


You finally got it!

That right there was how you beat compliance into someone :rofl:


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