Next Weeks Event Schedule (Feedback)


Now thats a damn good looking schedule of events. 2 Blitz’s that are not on back to back days and levelups during the week are only 24 hours. Kudos @kalishane @spyder


But war on a holiday weekend though. :man_facepalming:


Thats not next week :scream_cat:


But it is on March 30-31/April 1st




Very solid, hats off to Scopely for this Calendar, lets hope all these events all happen. Take it to the team @kalishane GOOD JOB!


I fucking jinxed it. Damn it


I hate you lol why D: did you jinx it ;(


War was straight up changed while blitz is TBD. So maybe they’re considering if they can get update sometime after war and before mid week so blitz can remain.


Give these dudes positive feedback and this how they reward us


Lol true if we don’t get Blitz I’m gonna rant D:


Definite kudos to @kalishane and the team for putting together a solid event schedule :slight_smile:


You’re late my dude. They changed it


I just saw that. Another update, another broken game :frowning: Bring on the endless levels up.


No war? Wow, pretty dissapointing…